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05/25/2002 Archived Entry: "Entertainment Weakly"

Strange things have happened. A friend of mine IMed me just yesterday asking if there was something I had written something about Star Wars in Entertainment Weekly. "Uh no," was my quick reply. All I got was his away message which got me to thinking, Why would he think this? Then I started thinking about the possibility that my articles, 78 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode I, may have been mentioned in this worldwide publication.

Naturally I was curious as to why these articles would be mentioned so I decided to go to the corner store and check it out. Sure enough on page 98 there it was, a nod to the articles I had written. It was very strange seeing it there for the whole world to see.

Here's what it said:

( rnt_78reasons1-10.shtml) Jeez, we all know The Phantom Menace was kinda lame, but this is overkill--albeit funny overkill. On the opening "taxation of trade routes" title crawl: "Isn't this what started the War of 1812? Is Andrew Jackson going to be in this movie?" On C-3P0's alleged creator: "Anakin Skywalker--the ten year old boy--does not know 6,000,000 forms of communication." The author does lis Hackers as his favorite film, so mesah thinks you should take everything hesah says with a grain of salt. B --ABV

Not bad. The best part being that I was mentioned right after something by Lore from The Brunching Shuttlecocks, one of my heroes. Sharing praise with Lore is quite an honor for the likes of me.

This article is presented by the mysterious "ABV". Attempts to find out who this is and contact them to thank them for the praise have proven futile. I do extremely appreciate that they call Anakin Threepio's alleged creator. The fact that this author refuses to recognize the validity of Episode I further endears me to her/him.

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