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05/07/2002 Archived Entry: "Spider-Man"

I saw Spider-Man last night. It was the most incredible cinematic event of my lifetime! It was so brilliant! Everything that Sam Raimi touches just turns into gold and that statement has never been so true as with his latest movie.

All I can think of is my roommate's comments after he returned from the movie on Friday afternoon: "It wasn't that good."

What?!?! He best stay out of my way when he gets back from work today or he may find himself on the receiving end of a knuckle sandwich! You would have to be an idiot to not like this movie!

For the most part the movie was pretty accurate with the exception of a few minor and major details that they obviously overlooked on purpose. The thing that bothered my the most would have to be that Spider-Man shot webs out of his wrists. Any self-respecting Spider-Man fan (if there is such a thing) knows that Peter Parker didn't have that ability but rather built "webshooters" that worked with a special solution and cartridge that he invented. Jeepers!

The thing that sticks out in my mind the most is before the movie I was talking to a friend and I used the word "jackass". A guy sitting next to me asked me to watch my language because his son was there. Jackass? I saw his twelve-year-old son, I figured that "jackass" was pretty appropriate for mixed company. The best thing was that there was this one scene in Spider-Man where Aunt May and Uncle Ben must have used the word ass five times in one scene. It was almost as if this scene were put in as retribution on my part.

That poor guy. He thought that he and his twelve-year-old son were going to see some good wholesome family entertainment but instead they got peppered with profanity from the very beginning of the movie.

I am now inspired to begin working on my new comic book project:


It's about a spider that gets bitten by a radioactive man. He wears a suit that has a picture of a guy's face on the chest. It's gonna be awesome. Gotta go!

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