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  1. In Topic: Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment

    Posted 4 Oct 2005

    Ok, I got it. I'd thought that the 2nd elevator was locked again due to the alert. No more problem with the character not in room error in this place. But perhaps Yahtzee should try if this error always occurs when somebody tries to take the lift down during the firefight. Maybe locking the first lift when Hole has to fight the Culthorpe may help in case there are more stubborn freaks like me out there wink.gif
    Thanks for the help anyway!
    Oh, yeah: GREAT game!
  2. In Topic: Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment

    Posted 4 Oct 2005

    hey, thanks!
    and thanks to the reply on the error-thread. it was misplaced, because somehow, i get logged out this forum all the time... should allow cookies, i guess.
    I will reply on the error-topic here, for it belongs here.
    I tried to shoot slowly and rarely. I killed the guard upstairs, having fired about 5 or 6 shots without being hit. then I used the elevator, but when the doors opened on the lower level, the error occured again. I will try loading an earlier game and playing this part again. if this works, i will post again later this evening.
    hmm, could this have to do with overwritten savegames? I hope not!
  3. In Topic: not the right forum, but..

    Posted 4 Oct 2005

    Thanks, for the links.
    I just tried that one for Betters Days of... and it seems to be linked to en old page that is no longer online. Or perhaps thats a problem with my firewall/browser. Actually, I don't think so as there is the error messsage "object not found on requested URL".
  4. In Topic: Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment

    Posted 2 Oct 2005

    QUOTE (Dr Lecter @ Jul 26 2005, 07:26 PM)
    If your processor is fast then you just need to slow it down and it makes the timer and the images move alot slower. Although, I did manage to get a perfect score. I'm using my nan's 1.8 and I slowed it down to the speed of a 0.36 GHz. Yeah that is very slow.

    I am kind of stuck with the game since I refuse continuing the plot before having completed all sidequests (yeah, I'm a freak, but who cares). So, how to slow my P4 2,8GHz, down? Thx!

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