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  1. In Topic: Best Movies of 2010 & Predictions for 2011

    Posted 29 Jan 2011

    Wow even Dorothy is back now! Excite!

    Movies I enjoyed this year: Black Swan (so shoot me for jumping on the bandwagon), Despicable Me... I really didn't have time for watching too many movies though.
  2. In Topic: Deuacon's homosexual supremacists thread

    Posted 29 Jan 2011

    Awww, a raging debate and I missed all the fun cuz I thought the forums had died. :(
    Nice to see you all getting angered again. :)
  3. In Topic: The Regulars

    Posted 29 Nov 2010

    I check in periodically but there's never anything to respond to...
  4. In Topic: "they didnt even ask me any questions."

    Posted 13 Nov 2010

    How is a fiction novel being used as an argument at all here? :P
  5. In Topic: I support Palestine's right to self defense

    Posted 8 Apr 2010

    Okay, I understand your viewpoint Jm, and this isn't supposed to be some crappy ad-hoc fallacious argument or anything, I am just legitimately curious as to your personal views: How do you feel about the Holocaust?

    I mean like... Do you think that it was horrible along the same lines as you feel what the Palestinians are currently going through is horrible; or do you think that it was somehow fair, like some kind of time-machine justice for what some Israelis are doing now; or are you a Holocaust denier; or something else completely? Just wondering.

    I promise I'm not making that tired argument of "you're on the Palestinians' side, that must mean you think the Holocaust was AWESOME!!!" I just legitimately am curious as to your thoughts on what happened back then, as I've recently run into a handful of people that have all kinds of justifications and reasonings and arguments and what-not and proposed cause/effect stuff about the Holocaust, that I hadn't really thought about before, in relation to the current conflict.

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