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  1. In Topic: God

    Posted 15 Aug 2005

    QUOTE (Jordan @ Aug 15 2005, 02:32 AM)
    (1)So you blame the worlds problems on God?  (2)Technically speaking God has the authority to kill every one, and it would be just.  (3)Who the hell could argue with a divine being?  (4)He wouldn't be God if you could challenge him and be right, even slightly right. 

    1) Yes. Apparently, he created everything, and so is cause of everything. This includes all the worlds problems and all sins.

    2)How so? That doesn't exactly agree with the belief in his omnibenevolence held and espoused by most christians. And if this is the case, then i should be allowed to create clones, and hen arbitrarily destroy them, And it would be just, as long as I wrote a book telling them how to live.

    3)Me. I challenge god to take me on in a formal debate about his existence.

    4)Exactly my point. If he can be challenged, he musn't exist as he is supposed to exist by christians, and people have been challenging him for a hell of a long time. What the hell is slightly right?

    The christian god is a hypocritical nut job. He doesn't exist. Some other gods exist. Like I said before, fuck Occam's razor. I'm sure of it. I think one of them is in orbit of Saturn. The other one lives down the road from me.
  2. In Topic: God

    Posted 14 Aug 2005

    Well, from what I can gather, then, that only proves his inherent evil side. Why curse the descendants of sinners? How is that going to punish the sinners? Or anyone for that matter? Thats just silly. And if he didn't know that people who were created by him were going to be skeptical of his existence, then not only is he not omniscient, it's entirely possible he isn't onmipotent either. If he created people, and watched over their development and was suprised by their appparent skepticism in the face of blatant evidence of his existence, then he obviously was unable to make them like he wanted...IE not complete idiots.

    I repeat, god, if there is such an enitity, is not the god of the grossly contradictory bible.

    In other news, I would feel cheated if I got reincarnated.
  3. In Topic: God

    Posted 13 Aug 2005

    Hmmm...there are many things in the page since my last post that I would like to speak on. First of all, no-one really answered my questions, which were admittedly only semi-coherent and written at the end of a 20 hour day. Let me try and pose them in a less convoluted and non-sensical way. Why did god, having spent several thousand years intervening in the life of man, cease to do so at about the time of writing of the bible? We have not improved as a race since then. why did he see fit to punish the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah so violently and visibly while they remained on this world and sbsequently decide to put off punishing everyone else until this so called apocalypse?

    God cannot be as good and friendly as you try and make him out to be, he created evil. As good as all the supposed good he created is, he created everything, and that includes evil, doughnuts, lupin flowers, and homosexuality. if anyone is a sinner, its god. If he was anywhere near as good as he supposedly wants us to be, he wouldn't have created the universe. That was a really fucking bad idea. Think of all the evil that came of that decision. He effectively created everything without any reason at all, and proceded to torment and torture some of the things he created, while showering other creations in joy and happpiness. All totally arbitrarily. It's like if i bred two rabbits and jabbed one with a stick till it died while I fed the other well and kept it in wonderfully clean little hutch with a little it of gold garnish, and maybe a tiny rabbit spa pool. For no reason but to see if the other rabbit was stil friendly at the end of its short life. I know this analogy doesn't make sense, but i like analogies.

    Secondly, it strikes me as somewhat incongrous with all the other imagery of god being benevolent and desiring us to repent and accept him and jesus to gain entry of heaven, that god would decide that if you havn't had a chance to even be in contact with jesus or his dispcicles that you would go to hell. Why would a benevlent god sentence entire cultures of people to hell just for having been created by him in a different place and created less progressive than other cultures he created?

    The christian idea of god does not sit well with me. If there is a god, he's not the contradictory god set forth by the bible. I prefer to think there are two! Fuck occam's razor.

    In any case, fuck going to heaven, how boring would that be? Forever? I could not be consoled with regard to the after life by the likes of heaven. I'd like my life to be interesting, not safe and secure. I get as much more satisfaction overcoming the bad in my life than I do from the happy secure parts. I'd try and escape from hell. Send me to hell. I'd have eternity to try and escape, and the pain wouldn't really get me down because as painful as it is, all i'd have to look foward to in hell is more pain. So why not risk more pain and try and escape? What are they gonna do if they catch me? Send me to hell? Kill me? I'm invincible. I'm a supraman. I'm a bonafide, three-fisted, humdinger. Shit I'm so hot for myself right now.

    When I was 14, and I said something stupid, people told me I was stupid. Like, "some homosexuals feel guilt" No they fucking don't. What shoukld they feel guilty about? Nothing, unless its child molestation, and certain followers of christ have had a problem with that. If they homosexuals do feel guilty about their sexuality, its only because of the warped world view that is put forth by people who say ridiculous things like "Homosexuality is a sin and homosexuals should be guilty"

    Im off to self-flagellate.
  4. In Topic: God

    Posted 11 Aug 2005


    I will accept for arguments stakes that 'God' exists, in the biblical, christian sense of the word. What I will initially call into dispute is how exactly is that christians can have so much faith in the bible being the literal word of 'God'.

    Firstly, Please explain the drastic change of character in 'God' between the old and new testaments. In any normal person such a drastic change from being immoderately jealous and vengeful to wholy benevolent and friendly would be considered somewhat strange.

    Secondly, since according to the bible, in the past, 'God' has played a noticeable, very obvious part in the lives humans (Gomorrah anyone? How about some Sodom? Don't follow the supposed will of 'God'? Eat plagues! Hey...think this guy has died and been buried? Think again!) , why has he disappeared from the human experience since the writing of the bible? What is it about the bible that made 'God' decide "You know what? I don't think they need me anymore. I think they are mature enough to find their own way through the moral maze I have laid down without my abitrary smitings and imaculate conceptings." And how do you know he is still around? How do you know that 'God' hasn't scarpered off down the celestial road to have a metaphysical cigarette? Don't try and tell me that he is omni-benevolent and wouldn't scarper, because if theres one thing the bible tells us, its that god is not omni-benevolent and not adverse to changing drastically his nature without warning.

    Maybe 'God' is a cunning little haemaroid bicuit and reasoned "At this rate, they'll end up smiting themselves.....Heeeyy....Wait a minute! God, you've done it again. I sometimes can't get over just how smart I am. "

    And if you have to accept Jesus to attain forgiveness for your sins, then what of the millions of innocent heathens who have been born, lived and died, without seeing a single solitary cross, let alone the bible, to inform them that, you know, "You've been worshipping false idols! you must accept Jesus! No other way to heaven! Way Truth And Life!"? For that matter what of the people who were born before 'God' made one of those infamous abitrary decisions and thrust his son upon our earth?

    And given Jesus was a rampant sado-masochist, why arent you all self-flagellating? I mean, some of you are...but...dammit, more self-flagellation. I'm just into that kind of thing.

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