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Topics I've Started

  1. What.

    Posted 4 Aug 2007

  2. Bond Is Not Human

    Posted 24 Jul 2007

    I mean seriously who can post 65 posts a day in a forum?

    I'll tell you who:

  3. Darkness Review Question

    Posted 24 Jul 2007

    Yahtzee did you make that in Flash? If so, then how the hell did you convert it to video without inevitably getting a big fat "CONVERTED WITH BIG AL'S SUPER ULTRA FLASH CONVERTER 2.1" slapped all over it?
  4. What's OK To Make Fun Of

    Posted 23 Jul 2007

    Nowadays it's getting harder and harder to really know where "the line" is as far as comedy goes. Our morals and values have grown so convoluted and inconsistent that one thing could be comedy gold for the whole family and just tweaking it a tiny bit could get you killed my an angry mob. That's why I have composed this list of what is and what's not OK to make fun of.
    • Black People: Absolutely off-limits unless you are black. If you are lucky you can pull it off with the "I Have Black Friends" excuse.
    • Asians: Completely OK to make fun of as long as the asian can kick some serious ass, like in Rush Hour.
    • Gays: OK to make fun of as long as you constantly make it clear to the audience that you aren't homophobic, like in Will & Grace.
    • Jews: Only if it's obvious satire of antisemitism, like in Borat.
    • Muslims: Open season. unless 90% of your audience have balaclavas and kalashnikovs.
    • Christians: Only if the audience is composed of leftist college-students with iPods.
    • Hispanics: Off-limits to white people.
    • Cancer patients: Don't even think about it. You'll drown in the hate mail.
    • Helen Keller: Completely off limits unless the audience is deaf and blind, in which case they won't even know.
    • Amish: Go for it; they'll never find out.
    • Texans: Instant crowd pleaser in 49 states.
    • Fat People: Completely acceptable unless 90% of your audience are lesbians/feminists.
    • Retards: If you're a redneck, its OK because you're technically a retard too.
    • 9/11: Unless you run a conveniently located pitchfork & torch emporium, steer clear.
    • Saddam Hussein: Are you kidding? You could get in trouble for NOT making fun of him.
    • George Bush: See Christians.
    • Indians (the Hindu kind): Go for it; the Simpson's paved the way for that.
    • Indians (the casino kind): Unless you can travel back in time to 1841, no-go.
    • Furries: On most of the Internet it's acceptable. On Web 2.0 sites, however, you can expect a flood of whining.
    • Harry Potter Fans: Go for it. In fact, be sure to inform them of all the characters who die in the seventh book.
    If you know any more feel free to add to the list.
  5. Bladerunner

    Posted 5 Jul 2007

    I love everything about Bladerunner. The atmosphere. The music. Harrison Ford. Everything in this film is just perfect. Discuss.

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