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  1. In Topic: 91 Reasons to Hate Episode III

    Posted 3 Aug 2005

    I though the same thing, the game really sucked. It really felt slapped together and lacked any depth that is not only standard but mandatory in this style of game. I couldn't figure out why this got average to good reviews until i remembered that no one is willing to make a bad review on a video game that is backed by a major company like Lucas Arts. if they give a bad review it just means they don't get advanced copys, "exclusive" interviews, or other goodies from the company for future releases. The game reviewers like everything is controlled by money.

    For more on my thoughts please send a check payable to "Monkey Rancher Inc." anywhere USA.
  2. In Topic: 91 Reasons to Hate Episode III

    Posted 2 Aug 2005

    Having only discovered this site a few months ago i do admit it has become a second home for me. Having the "nitpicks" end does seem a bit sad, but Chef Elf I am sure you will find hilarity in the mundane, the obtuse, and the idiotic anywhere. Loved the last batch.
  3. In Topic: or.. er... reason#66.

    Posted 1 Aug 2005

    barend, quite a jolly good laugh if i must say.
  4. In Topic: GL's Last Big Secret. Who is fooled by this?

    Posted 22 Jul 2005

    You right I have been blinded, How could I not see it! The wrinkly chin, the dark gravelly voice. the obviously human features. Why Jar Jar why? Meesa so sad that yousa betray the Naboo!
  5. In Topic: Darth Luke

    Posted 20 Jul 2005

    What an ingenious system basically the Sith never die, you just pass on the hate to the next jerk in line. Kinda like the movie Pay it Forward, but not.

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