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  1. A new new hope?

    Posted 7 Jul 2014

    So, when are we going to relight this forum and start talking about the upcoming episode VII?

    I mean, with footage leaking already ( h?v=kLzV6vS7VMs ) shouldn't we begin to speculate on what ep. VII will be all about ?
  2. I need a name for my game

    Posted 15 Jul 2011

    Say I'm building this uber-kool space flying simulator, designed to look like a throwback to the 70's sci-fi shows.
    What would be a good name for this?

    - this will be a serious game. needs to have a seriously looking name (no "captain space ho")
    - well, domain name needs to be available to register
    - it would be nice to have the name use some references to old scifi books and tv shows.. Maybe Asimov's Foundation series or anything by A.C. Clarke. I love hidden references to things that only geeks like me understand.
    - I dreamed up one night "Across the Sea of Suns" but it's kinda long and whaddaya know there is already a book by that name.

    So can you fire up some ideas?

    The winner will get a large strawberry ice cream from me, and a decorative wall plaque certifying that the author is indeed the actual creator of said name.
  3. So where is everybody?

    Posted 10 Nov 2009

    Uhm.. what the title said.
  4. I hate this city

    Posted 19 May 2008

    So I had to drive 500km to another city to meet with some clients. It is a 3 days trip, so I arranged to sleep over at a friend. The day before I left I got a phone call from her(my friend) that her grandmother has died, and that, unfortunatelly, she has to leave town to go to the funeral, but that I am still welcome to stay at her place, and that she will arrange for me to get the keys. So I drive there (8 hours drive because of traffic), and I have the keys and the indications on how to find the appartment.

    The story

    So I find the building and I get into the elevator, I press the number 4 button and I wait for the elevator to do it's job. And the next thing I see are the keys to the appartment dropping from my hand, onto the floor, inbetween the elevator doors, and down into the floor gap.

    Attempting not to panic, and still not believing what just happened, I ring at a random door to ask for the administrator's appartment number. Some lady yells at me behind the door "What do you want?" ,"Excuse me, I seem to have lost my keys in the elevator, I say, I am looking for the administrator's appartment" . "Appartment 65, floor 6". Still ,she's not opening the door, she is still yelling from behind the closed door.

    Ok, so I climb to floor nr. 6 (being too affraid to take the elevator again). This time, the administrator does open the door when I ring. I present the situation to her and ask her for help in retrieving my keys. "Well..." she says " it's too late in the evening to call the elevator company, you'll have to wait until tomorrow morning". I procedded to explain to her (again) that the keys that I dropped where to the appartment where I was supposed to stay for the night. I cannot come back tommorrow morning.
    "What if I got stuck in the elevator", I ask, "would you have me waiting in the elevator until tommorrow"?
    "Oh no, she answers, If you got stuck in the elevator, that would have been an emergency, I would call the elevator company".
    "Still, you cannot expect me to sleep on the street, it's still some sort of an emergency for me you know"
    "I'm sorry, she says, I wish there was something I could do. Good night !" and then she closes the door.

    Gosh I hate this city, people here suck. And elevators too.

  5. Bond attack ?

    Posted 1 Aug 2007

    http://img75. imagesh...age=bondaj1.jpg

    I wanted to say something more, but I got a phone call and now I gotta run

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