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I think I did A " Loathe Jar Jar Binks" search on Yahoo and your site came up.
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  1. From the Empire's perspective

    Posted 30 Jun 2005

    Now that the circle is complete and we have seen all six chapters of the SW Saga.... can I ask a philosophical question? Is the Empire the clear cut evil that Lucas would have you all to believe? My pointt of view is that they were about bringing order out of chaos. If you think about it you had smuggglers running rampant,slavery,drugs(death sticks),gambling,Sandpeople going about unchecked and the Hutts making their own rules. All of these things happened under the Republic with the Jedi being their enforcers. Basically you had a wild west anarchy with the Jedi being the Earp's and Doc Holiday(O.K. Corral was not about the law, it was a blood feud about money and control. Earp's just had Tin Stars). Just some food for thought

    winkdink (closet Sith)
  2. 3 was a can't miss to some degree

    Posted 27 Jun 2005

    Yes there was the hacking borg in Grevious and a treasure trove of stupid things in the basket of ROTS. But hust in the fact to see everything come full circle was great for me. When Luke was delivered to Owen and Beru and to see the same dusk of the two Suns that Luke had looked at in ANH gave me chills. Leia's adoption did not have the same effect because we did not view her homelife or anything like what we got with Luke.It was actually sad for me because now it is over... there is no more anticipation and spectulation of the next episode,as it would pertain to ANH,ESB or ROTJ. Anything he produces now he might as well feature Jar Jar as King to a race of Barney-like or Sigmund the SeaMonster Creatures for all I care.Anything outside 1,2,3,4,5&6 would be like watching Ray Bourque win the Stanley Cup while skating for Colorado(he was one of the greatest to ever put on a pair of skates and played for Boston for 20 years without winning a championship.He got a chance to play for a contender,did and won a championship but it meant nothing to us fans because he did not win it in Boston where we all loved to watch him play for 20 years).

  3. Binks factor

    Posted 23 Jun 2005

    I am beginning to think that my disdain for episodes 1,2,3(I admit I do not have nearly the problems with 3 that I do with 1 & 2) and the Ewoks in ROTJ, can be mostly if not all to what I call the " Binks Factor". Yes I would have had gripes without J.J.B. being introduced (shoved down our throats or up our asses).But the "Binks Factor" is a massive multiplier if you will, not unlike something cubed or to the 12th power. Yes I groaned when I first heard " Yub Yub" from the cute and cuddly Ewoks in ROTJ. But After the Binks Factor... it is at times bordering on nausea. My point is a question as well. Would we all be as hard on George Lucas if Jar Jar Binks was some forgettable character with a forgettable name?Food for thought?

  4. Where do I go to spew my venom?

    Posted 23 Jun 2005

    I was looking to get the particular forum specific to my problem.My issue is general disdain for what George Lucas did to the film series (starting with the Ewoks,but ROTJ is nothing compared of what was to come.
    I am one of the original Star Wars Geeks ( I saw ANH the day of release in the Newark, N.J. Drive in Theater) and I am part of what kept it going and profitable for all the years until George turned completely to the Dark Side with Episode 1 and Jar Jar Binks. Understand that if we had not bought Star Wars Videos,Games(Board,Video and P.C) and other trinkets,toys etc .... We would not be having these B.B.s as the first trilogy would have been the end of it. But alas we did all those things and kept it alive for Lucas,Lucasarts,et al.
    My issue is he gave me a dark Space Opera which changed my life to some degree, for the good. I have had countless hours of watching the original trilogy over and over again(much to the chagrin of my Girlfriend & Wife).I had many days as a boy playing "Luke & Vader" with my best friend Mike and our toy Lightsabers(they were a flashlight with a plastic cone screwed on top with a red or blue piece on top of the bulb.Whatever company made them I owe a debt I can never repay).I too many sleepless nights playing X-Wing,Tie Fighter,Dark Forces
    1&2,Mysteries of the Sith and some others that the names elude me right now.The proceeds from these many "Star Wars Things"(just to give you a reference of how retarded I really am I have 4 different sets of the first trilogy)have gone in to George Lucas's coffers.In doing my part to keep G.L. health,wealthy and..... (2 out of 3 ain't bad) since '77, to be give Phantom Menace With JJB as gratitude for my years of loyalty was such a kick in the ass !
    Getting back to what was my original question before my rantings, which board is best suited to those of us who want to talk of the WHOLE GRAND BETRAYAL perpetrated by George Lucas and remnants of the Old Soviet Union?

  5. One to add to ChefElf's list 'o' gripes

    Posted 22 Jun 2005

    The scene in episode 3 where Anakin pilots and lands what is left of the Starcruiser on the large runway got me thinking. Every interplanetary ship, be it a fighter (X-Wing or Tie) or Cruisers and Destroyers... All takeoff vertically. Straight up or damn near straight up they all fly and land that way as well. Why do they need huge runways?

    VinceW. a.k.a. winkdink

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