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  1. In Topic: Lord of the Rings by George Lucas

    Posted 8 Sep 2006

    That was pretty funny!

    Ewwww...George Lucas getting his hamfists on Tolkein??? He doesn't even respect his OWN work! laugh.gif
  2. In Topic: Worst Line of Episode II

    Posted 2 Sep 2006

    QUOTE (Lord Aquaman @ Sep 1 2006, 06:55 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    There were a lot of bad lines between Anakin & Padme, such as when they're on that ship en route back to Naboo and he's explaining how Jedi are "encouraged to live" and she's going on about how hard it must be to "not go where you like or to do the things you like.", etc.

    Yeah, now that I think about it, Padme's line about how hard it must be not to go where you want and do what you want is just odd. It feels wrong for Padme.

    This woman, young though she looks, was a queen in the previous movie, and a senator in this one. So Padme has been responsible for the lives and welfare of millions of other people for much of her young life. You'd expect her instead to say maybe that being responsible for others is difficult and places many frustrating restrictions on what a person can do -- but that it's still something that must be done, or that it's rewarding in its own right to keep your people safe, or that in the end it's a great honor and privilege to be trusted to be a protector of others (or that maybe Anakin ought to just quit whining, listen to Obi-Wan, suck it up, and do his damn job already happy.gif ).

    Her line about not being able to do what you want just sounds like the sort of thing that a girl used to just hanging out with friends and goofing off might say. More to the point, it sounds like something some rich California girl from the early 21st century might say.
  3. In Topic: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    Posted 30 Aug 2006

    So I guess the Machines of the future are just going to send another new Terminator model back in time every week? blink.gif
  4. In Topic: Padme Thinks Her Genocidal Boyfriend Is Hot

    Posted 30 Aug 2006

    QUOTE (Helena @ Aug 30 2006, 08:32 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Behold! The true explanation for what Padme was thinking during the time she spent with Anakin:

    Sarcasm at its finest. Thanks, Helena. smile.gif
  5. In Topic: Padme Thinks Her Genocidal Boyfriend Is Hot

    Posted 30 Aug 2006

    It occurred to me this morning that inconsistencies in the PT arise like this because Lucas had what was essentially a story about CHARACTER, but Lucas only worried about what should happen -- the PLOT -- and did not take the time to sit down and think about who the characters really were, where they came from, how they thought, how they reacted to problems or crises, or how they lived their lives. The PT story was supposed to be about the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker, a story that requires that the writer concentrate on the characters. I don't think Lucas did that. I have an idea (not even a hypothesis, more like a vague guess) that Lucas is much more comfortable with fleshing out a plot (e.g., enemy attacks planet, queen calls for help, heroes arrive, heroes plan counterattack, heroes destroy enemy, queen rewards heroes in award ceremony) than in fleshing out his characters. I suspect that Lucas ultimately had only the vaguest of ideas as to why a relatively decent if whiny kid might eventually develop into an apparently remorseless monster who probably killed dozens or hundreds of people in his career (before his final salvation in ROTJ). Losing your mother, your pregnant bride, your place in the Jedi order, and your limbs might make you yearn for death, but before you can become a monster, I think you have to become convinced that other people are evil or for some reason deserve whatever horrible things you want to do to them. I haven't seen ROTS yet, but from what I've heard so far, Lucas doesn't really show Anakin going through this change in thinking.

    OK, I'm rambling. I'll stop. cool.gif

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