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  1. Ebay scam (not sure if new or old news)

    Posted 23 Jun 2005

    I recieved an email supposedly from ebay claiming unauthorized ATM access had occured with my account and they needed me to enter all my bank info to verify my identity, 1 question they already have my banking info so why the fuck would they email me asking for it?? Does anyone actually fall for this? Either way beware of this.
  2. Halo 2 delayed...thoughts and opinions?

    Posted 30 Jan 2004

    Whenever a big game gets delayed you can hear a collective groan come over the gaming world, in this case the most anticipated title in a long time has been delayed until fall 2004 and I for one am not upset about it, I mean waiting extra time for an even beter game and for them to fix bugs and whatnot isn't going to ruin my life at all, there are other great titles to be played until then, say for example running through another single player Halo game or another go at Splinter Cell or some newer games like FF Crystal Chronicles or Baldurs Gate 2, just my thoughts.

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