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  1. In Topic: Crimes Against Humanity

    Posted 22 Jun 2005

    I could just imagine that. Berlin, 1945. In the face of the advancing Red Army, Hitler decides not to kill himself, and stands trial. "You've got the wrong man - I'm Herr Schickelgruber, and I didn't commit any genocide. A compeletely different person called Hitler inhabited my body since the 1930s and did everything you're accusing me of. You can't punish Schickelgruber for Hitler's crimes."
  2. In Topic: One to add to ChefElf's list 'o' gripes

    Posted 22 Jun 2005

    Possibly the vertical takeoff to orbit is too expensive for civilian craft which don't really need to make sudden landings on hostile planets, or be based in small, hidden facilities. Does the existence of amphibious landing craft in the real world negate the need for port facilities?
  3. In Topic: "Hello, Yoda I am, your captain today I will be."

    Posted 22 Jun 2005

    I don't see the problem. To do all the sabre-fighting and force throwing, they have to get to where the enemy is first, and these places are probably going to be too heavily defended for larger spacecraft piloted by non-prescient crew to get through short of a full-on assault with massive bombardments and terrible loss of life and material. Since they need to do that sort of stuff, they'd probably be sufficiently trained (and with the precognition and everything) to be the best pilots for important missions against heavy defences. The Republic could save money on targetting computers as well.
  4. In Topic: Han Solo was going to be in ROTS!

    Posted 22 Jun 2005

    Well, a mate of mine speculates that Lucas' kid is a young Han Solo - he escapes the Jedi massacre, goes into hiding, gives up the Jedi ways and within twenty years is bitter, disillusioned and scornful of "Hokey religions and ancient weapons" - and his Jedi-ness-itude explains the fancy flying he's capable of.
  5. In Topic: Coruscant

    Posted 22 Jun 2005

    Plants need to photosynthesise, so they'd be on the top, under sun-lamps all the time, or GM/alien plants to take a different form of energy. Then there's the heat that needs to be radiated into space. Some people have done calculations for the quantity of heat that would be generated by the people alone (assuming that all machines are 100% efficient and/or have science-fiction perfect heatsinks) and the result is incredible. Of course, this is the civilisation that built a moon-size, superluminal battlestation with a weapon capable of destroying a planet, and I think it's already been stated that Coruscant is completely dependent on imports - they'd find a way. Impractically dense cities seem to be a common feature in most science fiction I've come across-Star Wars has Coruscant, Asimov has Trantor, and the hives in Warhammer 40K, in which only the richest people ever see the sky seem to have their equivalents in a fair few places.

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