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  1. In Topic: Chefelf's Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review(s)

    Posted 1 Feb 2018

    The reason you are struggling to understand Luke’s behavior in TLJ (Part 2) is because Luke Skywalker has been turned into an abomination of his former self - an antisocial homeless space drunkard.

    Luke was the guy who against all odds managed to bring the galaxy’s incarnation of evil, Darth Vader back to the Light Side. The idea that he would hide on an island and wait for death after his nephew turned to the Dark Side, burned down his temple, and started LARPing as a Sith Lord is utterly absurd. Even more so that he would ever sneak up to anyone during their sleep and tried to kill them. Luke would also never leave his sister to fight the remnants of the Empire on her own.

    To put this into images, Luke was turned from this:

    Posted Image

    into this:

    Posted Image

    The question, you need to ask, is WHY was this done? And the answer to that is: Rey, the Mary Sue.

    She can now succeed in everything he failed in. She can save Leia. She can save the Resistance. She can turn Ren back to the light side – which is what the third movie will end with. That is not Luke Skywalker, that is someone who has been purposefully turned into a complete loser. You see, they have nerfed him at the expense of almighty and invincible Rey and they think their audience is so effing stupid that they won’t notice. Well, most of them are, anyways.
  2. In Topic: 82 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episdoe III

    Posted 3 Jun 2005

    Did anyone notice that dream/vision sequences were a blatant rip-off from the Knights of the Old Republic? I hope this gets mentioned dry.gif.
  3. In Topic: Okay, so did general public like ROTS or not?!

    Posted 22 May 2005

    In it has 83% fresh rating, cream of the crop - the "real" critics - is 72%.

    Compare the cream of the crop ratings - PM has 40% and AOTC has 39%.

    As far as I can see this movie turned out quite well.
  4. In Topic: The CE Forum Members Review

    Posted 22 May 2005

    I would give it 5 compared to other two (PM would get 1 and AOTC would get 3).

    Compared to OT - 3.5 or 4

    It's not better than ESB or ANH, almost as good as ROTJ or even better. After all it didn't have any gay-ewoks tongue.gif.

    All in all I quite enjoyed it.

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