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  1. Umm.. Locking threads randomly?

    Posted 6 Jul 2005

    I really have no idea what that howard dean thread was locked. Nobody was spamming/flaming at all.... it was just a normal discussion/debate going. Nice way of overusing your powers as a mod though...

    Especially from someone who quote unquote thinks America is imperialistic and thinks Bush is a tyrant. OH THE IRONY thumbsup.gif
  2. maddox's take on Ep III

    Posted 4 Jun 2005

    http:// www.thebestpa....cgi?u=episode3
  3. Christopher Lee turned 83 today!

    Posted 27 May 2005

    Damm I didn't think he was that old. Not counting his silly name and the such, he actually performed very nicely in AOTC (acting wise) especially for what he was given.
  4. Phantom Menace, without the junk

    Posted 24 May 2005

    I wish someone would release an Ep I where its just the duel between Obi Vs Qui Gon Vs Darth Maul. It's the best fight sequence I think in any of the SW, but the rest of the movie makes watching that scene unbearable.
  5. StarCraft

    Posted 22 May 2005

    Does anyone have a star craft legit key i could use plz :X

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