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  1. In Topic: Sharia law in the UK?

    Posted 2 Mar 2008

    Well I only argued about a few of the points cause 1) I honestly don't know much about some of those specific things that were mentioned elsewhere plus I wasn't originally involved in the dialogue and 2) I was arguing in terms of the more broad things he mentioned. Though he hasn't responded yet once nor has anyone to what I said so I'm not sure if my writing was in futility.
  2. In Topic: Will there be blood?

    Posted 29 Feb 2008

    Movie sucks. No story and its ridiculously boring. Boring is acceptable if the movie ends up paying off at the end or is deep, but this movie is neither. DDL is ridiculous in it tho which almost makes it worth watching but overall the movie was a huge let down.
  3. In Topic: Sharia law in the UK?

    Posted 29 Feb 2008

    The imperialist way of life is the one that can't coexist with Islam.

    No.. im basing it on their text and their history when they were in power...

    Now, a muslim country COULD be liberal/democratic but it would have to be a country with a secular govt (ie. Turkey)
  4. In Topic: Sharia law in the UK?

    Posted 29 Feb 2008

    I can. Islamic civilization is civilization as well if you hadnt noticed. The idea that the religion of a poorer, victimized and less industrialized population is against civilization just smacks of ethnocentric imperialist tendencies.

    Read a Quran, look at history of the rise of Islam, look at current leaders of Islam and then reanalyze your statement. The Quran is AS violent as the Old Testament (despite being 600+ years after..). Mohammed himself spread the religion through the sword. Current leaders are all fanatical and have all either run the country into the ground and/or supressed their people.

    Sure it does. Muslims want to be ruled by Muslims again and not by foreign interests or outright puppet states.

    (On Muslim struggles: forgive me for only commenting on those which I've studied a good bit. I'll fact check hte others eventually)

    Really? The problem with you is you look at the history of the Middle East essentially 20th century and on. Islam had the unique ability of the religions to IMMEDIATELY post prophet to fight AMONGST itself over the next in line. Aside from that, Arabs under the guise of islam waged wars against all their neighbors. All this stuff that OMGOGMGOMGOMG Western influence has ruined the middle east is a joke. The middle east became a joke between 1600ish-1900 when they essentially had governments that were either too religious or too corrupt. On the other hand, the West was became more civilized, more secular, and more advanced.

    I just love when people defend muslims with this naive notion that they are only bad because of us. It is true, resentment towards the US is rooted in Western influence their, but that is irrelevent. They use religion as a propaganda utility to get people to join their cause, because religion, just as it has in the past, can easily motivate the uneducated or desperate to doing things they wouldn't normally do. The real problem however is that Islam INHERENTLY is a religion that is intolerant and violent and if those same muslims ruled the world, you wouldn't even be able to speak on this forum.
  5. In Topic: Sharia law in the UK?

    Posted 28 Feb 2008

    Agreed with most of the top post, Islam is a violent religion by its very nature just like its "prophet" was. It should also be criticized EVEN more then the other religions because its 600+ years after they are which means its even more pathetically stupid.

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