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  1. Why there is no Harry Potter thread here?

    Posted 26 Jul 2005

    I can't believe it! Despite Potter having so much hype, later books are really good. I start to like those series more than Star Wars, plot is surely more complex, I find Severus Snape more interesting than Darth Vader and I prefer Tom Riddle's backstory to Vader's too.
  2. The Palpy-Windu-Ani scene was silly.

    Posted 24 Jun 2005

    It was great at the beginning ( I liked how Ian delivered "are you threatening me" and "I am the Senate' lines) but when Ian started to make those ridicolous facial exp​ressions, and than he acted like Golllum and transformed, I felt slightly embarassed for expecting so much of this movie. The way he and Mace were shouting at each other actually reminded me of children arguing "He is the traitor! No he is!" Who else felt like this, especially not total bashers?
  3. People who are waiting for marriage to have sex.

    Posted 27 May 2005

    What is your opinion of people who declare that they won`t have sex until they are married?
  4. How would you make PT diffrent?

    Posted 24 May 2005

    While I enjoy TPM and AOTC, and really enjoy ROTS, I wish many things were done diffrently, for example( focusing on TPM):

    -Obi-wan is not a Padawan in TPM, he could be a Knight companion and friend of Qui-Gon, who could still have his own Padawan( maybe an alien chick like Ayla Secura, Anakin would later kill her in ROTS in a very sad scene)

    -Much less Jar-Jar, he is not that annoying, and really heroic during the final battle.

    -Anakin is in his teens, and he shows much anger towards the slavers. Maybe he kills or almost kills Watto? This is why Council is reluctant to train him!

    -Anakin receives some training in piloting amd joins the battle of Naboo, being a hero by choice, not luck.

    -Prophecy is in, but no midichlorians and no lack of father stuff! Jedi are stil awed by Anakin`s potential.

    -Romance starts in TPM, and it is action driven(maybe Anakin saves Padme`s life), not driven by terrible dialogue!

    -Darth Maul could be a far greater villain- Sidious sends him to Gunray much earlier, he has more presence and lines(though still not much, a little bit of taunting and badass arrogance)- he advises spineless Federation to use terror tactics against Naboo resistance, giving a speech about the power of fear.. And he escapes at the end, than kills Gunray so he wouldn`t tell Jedi about Sidious. There would be tension built between him and Anakin. Anakin loses to him in AOTC, but prevails in ROTS, using his Anger.

    -There are few Mandalorian mercenaries hired by Federation, Jango is one of them. They hold a grudge against a Jedi, who destroyed their Empire in the past. And Federation Droids are silent and menacing.

    -Second greatest Jedi in Council is played by Christopher Lee, not Jackson! He advocates Jedi taking more active role to save Republic, Yoda disagrees. He secretly creates the Clone Army, but doesn`t become a Sith.

    -Jedi are reluctant to fight in war, but Senate and Palpatine force them to do it. Yoda is not a General, but wise sage who is unhappy that some Jedi are in military.

    -Palpatine has more scenes with Anakin in second part, he advises him to use his emotions in battle, Anakin becomes a great warrior who enjoys fighting more than a Jedi should, we don`t see him as whiny teenager. Later Palpatine gives Anakin orders to strike at civil population, saying that Jedi are too weak and soft to win. He also promises to end slavery in Galaxy. Before Palpatine shows his true intentions, Amidala is his great supporter.

    So, what do you think about my ideas?
  5. Seeing ANH after ROTS!

    Posted 21 May 2005

    I am going to do it, and I know it is going to be an entirely new, great experience!

    But I am afraid that ANH would not look good enough after magnificent ROTS visuals, especially the Death Star duel! sad.gif

    And I wonder if ROTS is my favourite Star Wars movie now!

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