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  1. Ninja Gaiden 2

    Posted 27 May 2008

    Fuck football.....

  2. Maybe the Jedi really were evil?

    Posted 19 Jun 2005

    Okay here is what I have gathered.

    In the opera scene, Palpatine advises Anakin that people with power only want one thing....more power, and more importantly, keeping that power. Anakin tells him the Jedi arent like that and blah blah whatever...

    so fast forward to the part where Windu says "I sense a plot to destroy the Jedi (wow good job only took you 2.5 movies to figure this out. Some Master you are.)....if Palpatine does not give up his emergency powers we will have to take control of the Senate." Yoda tells him immediately after "To a dark place this line of thinking may lead us." This is one of the most overlooked lines in the movie and I'm surprised no one points it out.


    Now we're at the part where Mace kicks Palps right in the chest and has him by balls. Mace is ready to take this old fuckers life and is trying to justify the murder by saying he has control of the Senate and courts. Anakin is trying to talk sense into him and even reminds the wise old master of the Jedi code: The Jedi do not kill their prisoners! Mace is not trying to hear it and raises his saber to deliver the death blow. We all know what happens from that point.

    NOW....if you were Anakin, knowing what Palpatine has told you about those with power, and you have just run into the room seeing the Jedi master who has talked down on you and never trusted you from day one with your friend and mentor on the ground ready to kill him...what would you think?

    if you ask me, Windu was on the path to the dark side and he would have dragged the Jedi council down with him. I honestly believe this. Yoda even tells him, taking control of the Senate would be a most un-Jedi move and it could lead them down a dark path. I think Palpatine was right all along; Mace was becoming power hungry and was not only willing to kill Palpatine, but also to usurp his throne and use it to strengthen the Jedi order. There would most likely have been a split at this point, a civil war between dark and good Jedi. So bravo Palps, I salute you for your wisdom.
  3. My friends take on the entire PT

    Posted 21 May 2005

    and it makes sense:

    he's black so excuse the "nigga" slang:

    ok this is the way im starting to look at it.

    the sith and jedis been goin at it forever, blah blah etc.

    so, there is the legend of the one who will bring balance to the force. jedi live by this, and sith obviously know what the jedi live by.

    soo...the sith have come up with a plan. they plan to create their own false prophet, a trojan horse that the jedi will develop, and will destroy them from within. they wil prey on the fact that the jedi are lookin for this chosen one, by creating them himself.

    so over the years, this is orchestrated. sidious's master was down with this shit, he learned how to make life out of the midiclorians, which was passed down from some other dark lord, and etc. well, he taught sidious, and most likely sidious created anakin inside of anakins mom. for all we know there were a shitload of "anakins" but they didnt all pan out.

    but this one does.

    what the sith DIDNT know was that even tho they created this being, this being would have free choice down the road, and could also mate with a regular person, who is all about love, creating kids which would actually be the ones that balance out that nigga.

    so thats why anakin kills the emperor in jedi, out of love for his son. the love that he had forgotten about. the love brings balance back in the building and all is right with the world. er, worlds. er, galaxy.

    so basically this nigga anakin is neo

    which we all know is jesus

    just my 2 cents
  4. Kevin Smith reviews ROTS

    Posted 27 Apr 2005

    This is from a guy who loved TPM at first then later changed his mind and realized how dull it was, and sorta/kinda liked AOTC. He's a big Star Wars fan but he's not a gusher. I took this review pretty positively, if anything it got my hopes up. Here you go:


    Kevin Smith ROTS review
  5. New clip of Grevious' voice

    Posted 24 Apr 2005

    http:// www.starwars....9/indexp20. html

    go click on the Grevious pic on the bottom right hand hasnt been mixed down yet.

    but GOOD GOD this is just....inexcusablely horrific!!

    edit: just copy and paste it into your browser, sorry

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