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Was reading the very witty articles about the stuff that sucked in "Phantom Menace" and "Attack of the Clones" and it led me here.
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  1. In Topic: One of the things I hate the most with ROTS

    Posted 26 Jul 2005

    QUOTE (toadape @ Jul 25 2005, 05:49 PM)
    STILL, your father wanted you to have this when your were old enough - Is still a plothole tough he never says it or even knows about his offpsrings in the OPT.

    This is probably because back when Lucas was making the original Star Wars, he had no idea that Vader was going to be Luke's father.

    I doubt Lucas would ever admit that, but I'm 1000 percent convinced this was the case.
  2. In Topic: 91 Counter Arguments to Chef Elf's Thoughts

    Posted 16 Jun 2005

    I don't mind hearing counter arguements to complaints about the PT, but what I do mind is when those arguements are all lame and poorly developed, etc.

    The #1 thing I'm sick of hearing is people using the OT as a defense for the PT. Saying that something was equally bad in the OT is not a valid arguement for why something exists in the PT. That's just useless fingerpointing from people who have no real arguement, so they just start trying to divert attention away from the real issue. Pointing out the flaws in the OT as a way of excusing the flaws in the PT doesn't really cut much ice with me.

    Frankly I'd like to hear (make that read) someone explain the flaws in the PT without reverting to "well in the OT..." every five seconds. Yeah, there were some flaws in that trilogy, but nothing compared to the new trilogy. Don't use that OT to explain the mistakes of the PT. Two wrongs don't make a right. Just give us your thoughts on the PT without tattling on the OT in the process. If you can't do it, then your arguements are weak in the first place and probably shouldn't even be made.
  3. In Topic: Just saw Episode III

    Posted 11 Jun 2005

    I still don't understand why the force NEEDS to be balanced.

    Clearly it had been UNbalanced for thousands of years and the galaxy got along just fine.

    So what's the point of balancing it?

    Besides Lucas' lame attempt to string together three movies, I mean.
  4. In Topic: The Big Secret

    Posted 11 Jun 2005

    Yeah, I'm with ernesttomlinson on this one.

    Lucas needed tension so he basically ripped of "The Thornbirds" and threw in the "holy man forbidden to love" angle. Except like everything else in the new movies, that plotline was handled with Lucas' typical bull in a chinashop approach, so if there ever was any depth to the story- it got immediately crushed by the bad writing and pacing, etc.

    Lucas made a big mistake by turning the Jedi into monks. They went from being heroic and mysterious to being sanctimonious, lecturing dullards. I think in a way they Jedi now represent Lucas himself- boring know-it-alls who sit in judgement of anyone who doesn't do things the way they think is right. Lucas probably sees himself as bastion of purity in this hellbound society of ours, but the truth is that HE'S the one who doesn't fit in and if his real life is anything like his cinematic vision, then he must be the lonliest man on earth.
  5. In Topic: "Your Father wanted you to have this..."

    Posted 3 Jun 2005


    Um number one please stop using the term "hey genius."

    Boy did that get old quick.

    Also please stop using the notion that the small problems of the original trilogy justify the huge problems of the new trilogy.

    Now you're LOOKING for hidden flaws on the OT, just combat the obvious flaws in the PT.

    It doesn't work that way, genius (notice I didn't say "hey").

    And if the flaws in the OT are so evident, why haven't people been discussing them for the last 30 years? Most of these "flaws" didn't pop up until the Lucas lovers of the world desperately needed something to divert attention from the fact that the new Star Wars movies really suck. It's a desperation move and it smells cheap and obvious. You're can't defend the PT against all the complaints, so in an attempt to distract people- you lash out at the OT. Well say what you want about the OT, it's still 10,000 times better than the PT. The OT has problems as all movies do, but to compare it to the problems of the PT is like the difference between shooting a bullet and tossing one.

    No matter how many times you throw out these lame, obvious defenses of the PT or the lame obvious examples of flaws in the OT- it's not going to change the fact that George dropped the ball this time around. You can do all the fancy footwork you want, but in the end, a crappy trilogy is a crappy trilogy.

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