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I friend emailed me with a link. Maybe the most hilarious site I've visited all my life.
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  1. In Topic: Pirates of the Caribbean 2

    Posted 21 Jul 2006


    I just rewatched the first one, and it is really good! The jokes, the plot, characters etc. Just an example of the sort of humor that was totally absent in the second movie:

    Will: Where's Elizabeth?

    Jack: She's safe, just like i promised. She's all set to marry Norrington just like she promised. And you get to die for her just like you promised. So we're all men of our word really. Except for Elizabeth who is in fact a woman!

    smile.gif Rewatch the first movie guys.
  2. In Topic: Pirates of the Caribbean 2

    Posted 15 Jul 2006

    On second thought, ok "fall in love" in Jack isn't really the case but the romantic thing they have going is annoying. smile.gif
  3. In Topic: Pirates of the Caribbean 2

    Posted 15 Jul 2006

    Hey guys. Saw it last night and I think it sucked. I really liked the first one and can't understand what happened to the second one.

    * It felt like almost 50% of the movie was "boring" action, boring in the sense that you know that none of the main characters are going to die so it isn't exciting at all. I mean, 4 fights with a large octopus? Swordfights between the main characters and Elizabeth screaming like a five year old?

    *The characters all sucked. Lets look at the main female character: Elizabeth in the first movie was about to marry someone she wasn't in love with, then went after the man she was in love in, only to in the second movie fall in love with nr 3 after seeing him again for like 5 mins on the boat, and at the end she sacrifices him! Jeez what a bitch.

    *Waay too much emphasis on Jack Sparrows comedy, like someone else noted.

    Just plain boring.
  4. In Topic: The High Ground

    Posted 27 May 2006

    The only reason he says "It's over Anakin. I have the high ground" is to make the audience understand that he has a significant advantage, which we would never understand otherwise considering the jedi-fights we had seen before. For christ sake, he could have just taken a small leap onto the ground. The scene is utterly stupid.

    Two Jedi's fight for a half an hour doing extraordinary moves, one of them jumps up on a hill and voila: the fight is over because he has the "high ground".
  5. In Topic: The High Ground

    Posted 27 May 2006

    That scene was ridiculous. Obi-Wan stands a few feet higher than Anakin and says "it's over Anakin. I have the high ground" indicating to the audience that he has a large advantage. When taking into account the way they fought over the last 20 minutes doing impossible moves, that last scene is pathetic. He stands a few feet higher. So what?

    Besides, taking into account that the jedi not only can forcemove objects but also eachother (which is one of the things I don't like with PT) the entire fighting sequence is ridiculous, since at any time they could forcepush eachother into the lava. Look at the way Dooku toyed with Obi-Wan for instance.

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