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I was on Chyld's Less is More forums.
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  1. In Topic: Somali piracy

    Posted 1 Jul 2009

    Bah, they aren't "communists." They are nothing more than the same local criminals who keep the country in anarchy for their individual short-term benefit. The ones who attack the ships that try to bring aid to their nation's children and sick. They aren't even all Somalis, but just violent, amoral people who backstab each other and blow their ill-gotten gains on guns, drugs, and prostitutes, who are probably abused and/or children more often than not.

    Overfishing has nothing to do with Somalia being a failed state.
  2. In Topic: Returns

    Posted 27 Jun 2009

    Apparently my tastes in topics of discussion were too controversial for other forums, so I'm back to test the atmosphere.
  3. In Topic: Thecomplaining thread.

    Posted 4 Jan 2008

    These days, even FOX news isn't FOX news.
  4. In Topic: Thecomplaining thread.

    Posted 4 Jan 2008

    Could be worse. You could have my job, which is to sit in a room with a telephone until 3 in the morning, just busy enough that you can't do anything else. Also, you have to talk to drunks and get useful information out of them, which is a lot less fun than just talking to them.
  5. In Topic: Your New Years Resolutions

    Posted 31 Dec 2007

    - Finish my BA in Business and Technical Writing

    - Get into grad school for an MS in Marine Policy and possibly a JD on the side

    - Publish something I've been writing

    - Possibly acquire a girlfriend or reasonable imitation thereof

    - Play more video games

    That should keep me busy.

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