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  1. In Topic: Poor Catholic Church

    Posted 9 Jun 2006

    To get to the roots of the topic, I'll agree with the statement that Christians get beat up on the most. No one cares if you make fun of Christians, but you have to be PC when it comes to other world religions.

    Secondly, I'll agree with the statement that as the worlds largest religion, and the religion of the people who happened to conquer 1/2 of the planet (even though their religion probably told them that's not nice), they become an easy (and possibly deserving) target. I suppose its kinda the same way the NY Yankees get hated on.

    Thirdly, I'll state that as a Catholic, sometimes I do feel beat up on, but I understand why.

    Fourthly, I'll state that at least, unlike Muslims, Christians didn't riot when their major religious figure was mocked.

    Fifth, I really don't understand what Pope John-Paul II did that pisses people off so much. The guy was a Polish national hero and a really smart, peaceful, and holy man. What did he do to deserve such ridicule? "What did he ever do to you?"

    And please don't go back to the middle ages or the inquisitions or the crusades or the Bogia Popes, etc. I mean strictly in modern times.
  2. In Topic: Poor Catholic Church

    Posted 8 Jun 2006

    I think there are a lot of grey areas within religion.

    For example, there is the whole complexity of "the lesser evil"

    For mother-theresa, only working 95% her ass off to help the poor instead of 110%, every day could be a sin, where as for an abusive alcoholic, giving up on drinking once could be a major victory. True, within grey there are degrees of black and white; "helping people is good, hurting people is bad" but really those statements are incredibly large generalizations found all the time.

    Take the way you dress for example. Lets say for the sake of example that making yourself into a sex object is wrong, but it degrades you into an object instead of a human being.

    There are a lot of grey areas involved because what was conservative now was really racy back in victorian times. Marilyn Monroe's outfits may have given our grandfathers boners but she doesn't even phase us now.

    Also, toplessness doesn't seem to do anything for those guys down by the equator.

    So where there may be black and white with the rule "don't become an object" - either you do or you don't, there is plenty of grey in the application.
  3. In Topic: Poor Catholic Church

    Posted 7 Jun 2006

    QUOTE (Sailor Abbey @ Jun 7 2006, 08:46 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I know if I was a devout follower of a great spiritual leader who had been executed, I would be willing to go to some length to make sure his message lived on, including faking a resurrection, either by jacking the corpse and having everybody go and look at the empty tomb, and/or by claiming to have seen his ghost, or even the man himself in flesh.

    I actually donít have any problems with the apostles claiming to have seen Jesus alive after his death. Apparitions are a pretty common phenomena. Its possible the story tellers embellished a bit, and that Tomas did not stick his hands in the wounds of Christ. Its possible that all persons claiming to have seen Jesus after his death were all just hysterical, or all willing to lie to keep Christianity alive. Who really knows for sure.

    I agree that it is a possible explanation, but is it plausible?

    Personally, I find mass hysteria or mass conspiracy theories are a stretch. Either way, many of these first hand witnesses would have had to keep a hoax with them through persecution and on to painfully bloody graves. What sort of personal gain could they have gotten out of the hoax while they lay on the chopping block as the executioner approached?

    I just don't have a good answer.
  4. In Topic: Fly, R2, Fly

    Posted 6 Jun 2006

    what really definines the lines between believable technology and unbelieveable technology?

    Why will we let lightsabers, floating cities, anti-gravity, and TIE fighters flying in the atmosphere pass,

    while R2 flying or someone standing out in the vacuum doesn't make the cut?

    I don't think the physics in the PT was that far-out, I think that the major transgressions just made them glare out.

    I believe that, if it were not for Jar Jar, whiney Anakin, horrible voice acting, ridiculous plot elements, Greivous, etc, then we might actually have enjoyed seeing R2 fly, in the same way we ignore any inconsistancies in the OT

    Edit: forgot the question mark.
  5. In Topic: Poor Catholic Church

    Posted 6 Jun 2006

    QUOTE (Otal Nimrodi @ Jun 6 2006, 10:09 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Some sort of pants too, I hope?

    I wonder if i'd have the balls to go commando under my cloak,robe and pentagram if i were (an ostentatious) wiccan.

    Sailor Abbey, I realize there must be some corrolaries on the comment about Christianity. I tried to phrase it correctly. I mean, Julius Caesar and Caesar Augustus were both supposedly living Gods, but I doubt many people believed it. Islam and Buddism had human founders who didn't claim to be divine.

    Secondly where do you stand on this (somewhat weak) scenario? The impartial Roman historian Tacitus confirmed that a man named Jesus of Nazareth existed and that he was executed. All of Christianity claims that he rose from the dead, a miracle.

    Some claim that in order to fufill Jesus' message, some apostles just removed the body to make it look like he rose.

    But then them same culprits would have been tortured and killed as martyrs for a hoax.

    Is that believeable?
    I also noticed I spelled retarded wrong earlier. I guess that can only mean one thing.... ohmy.gif

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