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I was searching for information about LOTR
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  1. In Topic: More LOTR funny stuff

    Posted 23 Jan 2005

    thank you for the link, and yes, they were quite funny ^^
  2. In Topic: More LOTR funny stuff

    Posted 22 Jan 2005

    another funny one XD

    I'm Italian =P
  3. In Topic: More LOTR funny stuff

    Posted 20 Jan 2005

    wow, you make it sound really cool =P
    I had to learn english at school, and then I needed it to enjoy forums and rpggames, so I cannot say that I speak and understand english like I can write it. I have some problems with that still =P
    that's why now I like to listen to dvd specials and interviews with actors, it helps me a lot in learning english better happy.gif

    oh well, maybe it's the wrong topic to talk about this tongue.gif
  4. In Topic: LOTR Pants

    Posted 19 Jan 2005

    QUOTE (Dr Lecter @ Jan 17 2005, 07:28 PM)
    Gandalf: You cannot pants!
    Frodo: Gandalf!

    great! this was great! you all wrote funny suff, but this one made me really laugh too much biggrin.gif
  5. In Topic: More LOTR funny stuff

    Posted 19 Jan 2005

    very funny indeed =)

    I especially loved the part where Gandalf says "I'm a wizard!" and Boromir shoots him down by saying "But you're not a Ninja."

    I was expecting Legolas getting up saying: "but I am! I can skate on a shiled -and I can jump on a oliphant -and kill it and everyone sitting on its back -and get down without hurting me and none of my allies"

    but legolas didn't show up tongue.gif

    I really liked that mini-movie ^__^

    btw I'm new here, should I read some rules posted somewhere before posting here?
    and, please, forgive my poor english =P

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