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  1. In Topic: The Chzo Mythos OST

    Posted 13 Apr 2010

    I was thinking thirty-five, but close enough I guess.

    The first time I saw the "Send no back-up", my first thought was "No back up? He's going to lose those files!"
  2. In Topic: Final Fantasy 13

    Posted 28 Feb 2010

    It's final fantasy. That's all you need to say, he's going to be about a bunch of depressive teenagers wearing toothpicks, where there girls look like they're all about 12 and the men look like girls who are about 13. It's going to to sell loads and loads of copies, and everyone is going to say how great it is, but it is probably going to suck balls. Just like all but about... 3 Japanese games I can think of. *Waits for anti-truth spam*
  3. In Topic: What is the program used to make Zero Punctuation

    Posted 8 Feb 2010

    Probably the images in photoshop and the actual videos could be made in Windows Movie Maker quite easily. (Or Windows Live Movie Maker if he has made the leap to Windows 7).
  4. In Topic: ZP: Brutal Legend

    Posted 31 Oct 2009

  5. In Topic: Continuity!!

    Posted 7 Sep 2009

    Maybe they erased Trilby's memory before he joined the MI5 (or whichever one it was) like in Men In Black. So even though he found her, he didn't know he had. Case closed.

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