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  1. In Topic: Fan Re-make of the Star Wars Prequels

    Posted 22 Jun 2011

    Several people are trying their hand at rewriting in the Rewriting forum of
  2. In Topic: Little Oddities in the Star Wars Trilogy

    Posted 25 Oct 2010

    View Post Just your average movie goer, on 10 December 2009 - 12:20 AM, said:

    Now onto some more oddities. There were a few I forgot in my last list but have remembered since then.

    Command Bridge - Ok, now you're really nitpicking because that's just you not agreeing with the design of the ship. Not an oddity. I guess Han should have recognized that that is a Super Star Destroyer, unless there are other Super Star Destroyers which because of his statement, I assumed. And Han's dialogue, those are probably his only good lines in the movie. He is not himself through most of ROTJ.

    Tatooine - Why do they have to say the name of the planet, I bet if you would have said that he said the name of his planet just to tell the audience that would be odd. "That's odd, doesn't he know the name of his planet as well as everyone else in that scene?"

    Boba Fett - Boba Fett definitely looks cool and he has some very cool toys. I don't think he's stupid either. How do we know that the Empire didn't give him 100 times as much as Jabba? It's not like Jabba is the most trustworthy character in the galaxy, he's a gangster! So if you're going to give your bounty to A. not trustworthy person who will give you a million dollars and then let you make more money with another untrustworthy person or B. also not trustworthy person who will give you a hundred. I don't know, I may go with A. But does he die stupidly? Yes, but that's another ROTJ blunder and the Boba mystique might have started before that, I mean he was pretty cool in the X-mas special if you've ever seen it.

    Man, if you consider all these oddities, I can't wait to see your list on the prequels.
  3. In Topic: Little Oddities in the Star Wars Trilogy

    Posted 25 Oct 2010

    View Post Just your average movie goer, on 09 December 2009 - 04:55 AM, said:

    Amusing little oddities of the Star Wars trilogy

    Forget the stories of sand-phobic teens and a galaxy of incompetents struggling to come to terms with the meaningless of their existence and their every deed. Come back to Star Wars.

    Now, a disclaimer before I begin this post. Anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that I love the Star Wars trilogy. Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back are two of the greatest movies ever made in my opinion and there's much to love about Return of the Jedi as well (you can find it in the second half of the film interspersed between a whole lot of pointless crap).

    However, it struck me last time I watched these movies through that there are a few little oddities about them that I generally skim over. This thread is dedicated to those oddities. Not the obvious ones like Luke and Leia, possible love interests one moment, brother and sister the next. Rather, the things that usually get glossed over when we watch these movies.

    A lot of the things you mention I don't think qualify as oddities, but just you not agreeing with the way the story was told or edited. That's just your opinion, maybe it works better your way, but it doesn't make it odd per se.

    The Emperor - Why can't he have mystic powers in Star Wars? It's obvious he is running things - he is the emperor! And how in the world is an emperor a civilian? And what emperor (that wasn't for traditional show) HASN'T commanded an army? And by the third movie, the Emperor definitely has been there all along. And did you miss Vader bowing to him in ESB? You've got this one all wrong.

    Vader - I don't think it's so weird that Vader takes orders from Tarkin. I see Vader in that movie kind of separate from the military, although the role between Moff and Vader changes drastically by ROTJ, I'll give you that. But Vader is also pretty comfortable talking back to Tarkin and telling him 'I told you so!' in SW. I had always assumed it was a respect thing, Tarkin was very old and well respected. Moff Jerjerrod looks like a young buck who was just promoted to Moff. I never really saw Vader as a lackey in SW either. And I also like his redemption, I have no complaints there. The only thing I didn't like was that it wasn't plausible that Luke goes on a crash course of Jedi training, doesn't finish it, and then defeats Vader. In my mind, Vader just gave up and never was going to kill Luke. But a lot of people don't agree. I think it works better the way I think of it.

    Imperial Officers - I'll agree with you there. Veers seemed to be the only competent one of the bunch after ANH. But I don't think this is such a big deal. Vader really exerts his will starting in ESB. I think he has more motivation after he finds out about Luke.

    Stormtroopers - Not a big deal, I mean come on, it's still a movie. No grunt can ever hit anything in any action movie, that's just movie science, not odd.

    Jedis - How do you get, "I was once a Jedi Knight like your father", means that there is absolutely other Jedi? I'm not seeing that connection.

    Yoda - Huh? People can't go from good health to very bad health in the space of 3 years?! Are you serious. Ever known someone that got cancer? I've known people that were dead after 3 months of being diagnosed. I hardly think that 3 years is sudden. How is that at all odd? And walking with a cane is hardly spry.

    Han - Totally agree. ROTJ while still being Star Wars and miles apart from the prequels does have a lot of flaws. I liked Ford's suggestion that Han should have died.

    Rebellion Leaders - Yeah, I guess that could be odd, but within the span of 3 years between each movie? Maybe not. Lots of things could have happened in between, I mean, there is a civil war going on.

    B-Wings - Yeah, ok. I've never even noticed, but just because they showed them to you once, why do they have to show them again? They were not important in any way to the plot of the story.
  4. In Topic: James Lucerno: Best 'Star Wars' novelist?

    Posted 14 Oct 2010

    View Post 84summers, on 04 July 2010 - 07:02 PM, said:

    Hello. I haven't posted in 2.5 years, though I never stopped being a fan of this site's humor & insight. After 11 years plus, it could confidently describe itself as being timeless.


    I just finished reading James Lucerno's "Labyrinth of Evil." And last year I read "Dark Lord: Rise of Darth Vader." I am very excited to read "Cloak of Deception," which (sincerely) is one of my favorite films. It is also awful, I know.

    I'm very impressed by Lucerno's writing. He doesn't betray Lucas's version of the characters at all; their simplistic dialogue and motivations. Somehow, he enhances them! He gives the characters a much needed sense of reason and motive. He also brilliantly references other events and characters, including Zonama Segot from 'Rogue Planet', the worst novel I've ever read.

    He's also exceedingly good at giving this Universe some definition. Did you know the Trade Federation has a robot army to fight off pirates, as granted by the Senate? See what that alone does to your perception of this Universe.

    Also, Valorum 'mysteriously' died in a spaceship explosion. And Sifo-Dyas was a political dissident like Dooku, who was dispatched basically the day after he placed an order for a clone army.

    Such details are necessary yet conspicuously missing from the films. Not only does he provide them, they are also smoothly incorporated into the plot and used to further enhance the characters. They're not shoe-horned in at all!

    "Dark Lord: Rise of Darth Vader" is even more impressive because it has new characters (meaning they're not restricted to what Lucas has already written) and perfectly bridges the gap between the trilogies. He devotes a lot of time to showing how Vader deals with his new body and how he perfectly hones his rage to completely eliminate Anakin. He also hunts Jedi across the galaxy.

    It bridges the Anakin we've seen (and disdain) with the Vader we love, seemlessly and engagingly.

    I don't know if Lucerno is a fan, but his writing is exceptionally crafted and reverent. I was wondering if anyone here felt the same or differently?

    Sounds like he has been Lucas's personal poop scoop. He has to go around and clean up all of George's idiotic illogical unexplained steaming piles of crap that he shat all over the place in the prequels. I haven't read him but from your description I'd give him an A for effort, George should have consulted him beforehand. I don't read the Star Wars novels though, Star Wars for me is the OT only.
  5. In Topic: A humble submission, sequel trilogy

    Posted 14 Oct 2010

    View Post Saberist, on 26 August 2010 - 08:40 PM, said:


    Good stuff. Some questions: How do you intend to resolve the story of the '1,000 generations' business (20,000 years)?

    Some thoughts. I always saw the Clone Wars as being something like this-

    1. Jedi can't be beat. They are -that- good. The Empire has tried, for a long time.
    2. Sith decide that it would be a good idea if the Empire stopped trying. On a continued
    breathing level. Jedi got upset, stomped the Sith (or 'a' Sith who became the
    3. Sith survivors escape due to corrupt political alliances. Decide to help the Empire
    and teach those naughty Jedi a lesson they won't soon forget.
    4. Midichlorians are found to be the key to successful Cloning. Jedi find themselves
    fighting an enemy just like them. Start to lose. One innocuous guy helps out by
    supplying battle droids (which should me more like Terminators and less like Laurel and
    5. Things get worse as clones also start to appear behind the lines as Jedi and Leadership
    type persons and the whole Republic fragments into civil war based on these 'Sixth Day'
    type rendition/replacement efforts. Somewhere in this we learn that a 'Sith' is
    involved as a family name the Jedi recognize.
    6. It's revealed that there are TWO Sith operating in this when the outside man (working
    for the Empire) gets lucky and goes for a deep penetration raid that eventually ends up
    overrunning the Republic. And on Coruscant, as the terms for surrender are about to be
    negotiated, the other (Sidious/Palpatine) steps out to meet and greet. Only to turn on
    both his Master and the Jedi by commanding the Clones -and- Droids to attack everyone.
    7. At this point, it is revealed that Anakin, who has had a dark personality to begin with
    but is coming along nicely with a wife and a purpose in life. Only to find out, in the
    end, he is a clone too. And has been secretly aiding and abetting Sidious even though
    he doesn't always remember being there (one of those psychodrama things where "And
    there he was cloaked in shadows (Darth Vader) and I just...went blank." _Because you
    were him, nutjob._ This allows us to see 'Darth Vader' much earlier in the story.
    8. Anakin throws off his evilness to save the day from Sidious' massive Force attacks
    (pumping up the midis has made him a serious Force power) but dies_ in the process.
    Only to be reincarnated by Sidious after telling Obiwan to save Padme` and the brats.
    9. Thus the setup for the reason why Luke (and the Light Side) go to such incredible
    lengths to save the man who is a zombie inside a dead shell. Anakin did everything
    right. And simply had choice taken away from him.

    One other thing. I don't remember Obiwan giving all that extra stuff about trying to save Anakin in ROTJ. I only remember the "He's more machine than man now, twisted and evil." response to Luke's insistence that there is good inside Vader.

    If this is SE crap, please don't use it. The SURPRISE should be that Anakin is Darth Vader. And everyone should vigorously aid in sticking their thumbs in Lucas' eye for screwing up the OT as much if not more than the PT.


    Saberist - You lost me at Midicholorians. I think every prequel Lucas idea should be scrapped. BTW, I think there is already a perfectly good reason why Luke tries to turn Vader back to the light-side, or maybe I just misunderstood you.

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