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I was drunk, some dude (It could have been a really ugly chick for all I know)at the union showed me some website, I forgot about it and woke up with it still in my bookmarks.

Funny how life works eh?
United Kingdom

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  1. In Topic: Returns

    Posted 10 Apr 2006

    Righty-o folks owyerdoin? Everyone still alive?

    Passing visit on my part really, borrowing net access from some girl who's flat I woke up in and who's name I can't remember. I due back in a about 7 days so until then please be so kind as to follow the following instructions;

    1. Cease posting any mindless drivel.
    2. Fill shot glass with alcoholic beverage of your choice.
    3. Drink.
    4. Post.
    5. go back to step 2.

    And remember kids, posting mindless drivel whilst drunk is ok, it's the drink that's talking. Posting mindless drivel whilst in full control of your mind and body isn't.
  2. In Topic: Happy Birthday Mirithorn

    Posted 10 Apr 2006

    Happy birthday Mirithorn, the girl who at one point had a personal crisis or complaint about the world every day (sometimes multiple times a day).

    May you grow up to be a psychiatrists nightmare. smile.gif
  3. In Topic: THe League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    Posted 25 Feb 2006

    Harpers wife in Bram Stokers Dracula.

    What cheese me off about the movie is that it took a clever idea, cut out all the dark elements of the comic and created a dumb action movie. There simply wasn't enough time in the movie to cover all the characters and give adequet time to their development.
  4. In Topic: Thecomplaining thread.

    Posted 24 Feb 2006

    QUOTE (Icey @ Feb 24 2006, 09:45 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Complaint: Revan is either a bad liar or needs to be put in a cage far from the rest of humanity.

    I propose strapping him to missile and firing him into the sun....but that's my solution to nearly everything.

    Or everyone could just drink more.
  5. In Topic: THe League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    Posted 23 Feb 2006

    Nothing short of a 4 hour mini series could have come close to doing the comic justice. The film felt like a half measure, shoe horned into an acceptable run time, with some horrendous editing.

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Token drunk
38 years old
February 6, 1982
Here, probably.
Who am I? I'm Laughlyn, resident Gentleman B*stard of the highest order of the british empire, A geek who's crawled out of the far side of the abyss to wreck havoc upon his breathren. A closet troll, purveyor of bartender brand advice (<br />Call me for realtionship advice\general abuse on +447949623581.... Just don't expect me to answer), thinks-he's-artsy person, and occasional Pirate.<br /><br />Interests? What the bloody hell is this? A census?

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