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i entered "hate star wars" in a search engine.
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  1. In Topic: Kill Jar Jar!

    Posted 27 Nov 2008

    QUOTE (Storm @ Jun 29 2006, 09:59 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I am content assuming that Jar Jar Binks was on Alderaan when it was destroyed. It really brings a new sense of satisfaction to that scene in ANH.

    that's sick taking pleasure from death of billions for seeing the most annoying character ever die.
    Oh well WE are sick then.
    Additionally i vote the lava and chocking with his ears deaths.
    I also propose to feed him to the sand monster of Return of the Jedi. It was a million year death i think. Oh yeah
  2. In Topic: Most Hated Characters

    Posted 27 Nov 2008

    As far as i can tell it was mentioned only ONCE. WHY?
    I hate prequel YODA.
    I am no Star Wars fan though i have watched all six movies. I REALLY liked original yoda. Seeing him in the prequels i think is vomiting. For me a no Star Wars fan. How can you the fans accept "it" (i mean the prequel yoda).
    Other than that all the others (except Padme and Obi-Wan because of the good acting and NOT writing) especially the bad guys.
  3. In Topic: Wikipedia Star Wars Outrage

    Posted 27 Nov 2008

    i don't know what the nerds say but thank you chefelf making me laugh you gave me AT LEAST 10 more healthy years. You all must know that laughter is GOOD for your health.
  4. In Topic: Prison Break

    Posted 27 Nov 2008

    once upon a time "prison break" was a cool series. immoral, dark, with tons of reality. Then the cospiracy came and it took the down hill. To make things worst they escaped. In the second season there was no prison. By season 3 and 4 i stopped caring. Like Star Wars. Producers, writers, executives must learn that when a story has been told, that's it THE END. How is it possible after THE END to continue. They just can't and end up sucking.
  5. In Topic: 91 Reasons to Hate Episode III

    Posted 27 Nov 2008

    may i add one more?
    George Lucas directed it

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