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i played yahtzee's games, went to fullyramblomatic, went to forums, voila...

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  1. Goriest games out there.

    Posted 25 Mar 2009

    Okay I realised the Game room was sorta dead so I'm just... doing stuff.

    Anyways, Since we had a list of the most artsy games, best indie games, stuff like that, i reckon we should put the goriest, most gruesome games we've seen here. This thread has no real relevance to anything, but yeah. I guess I shall start by putting 'Soldier of Fortune 2' out there. With all the limb removal and face carving, it is quite bloody.
  2. ...Yahtzee...

    Posted 20 Dec 2008

    It seems like Yahtzee is getting more commonly known right about now. Has anyone noticed that everyone just says the same old stuff about him? He sorta seems overrated now.
  3. Creating Mapsies

    Posted 13 Oct 2008

    Hi guys,

    So I'm back into UT2004, or more specifically UnrealED. I'm pretty noob at the thing and I'm halfway into creating a map based on CS's DE_RATS (that bigass kitchen). There are plenty of things that I don't know about which I need for the making of this map so if someone knows how to do the following:

    - make ladders
    - make water
    - use custom textures
    - make deathzones (like when you walk on the stove you get hurt)
    - get the bots to jump.

    Please tell me!!!
  4. Old school style

    Posted 27 Aug 2008

    Well, there's this new shop opening at my local shopping centre called Gametraders, they basically sell all the games on those old ass consoles Sega Rustbucket 900 and stuff. I'm kinda hoping that they'll sell PS1 games since playstation 1 shits on all. The first console i got was a fucking ps1. (thats right im not a veteran) But i loved it. The best games were on ps1, like Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, Final Fantasy 9 & 7, Parasite Eve 2, Resident Evil: Nemesis. Classics they were.

    BUT! There are two games that I'm hunting down, Fallout and Fallout 2. No doubt awesome games. Now do any Aussies here have a Gametraders near them and if so, do you know if they sell PC games? or even Fallout 1 & 2?
  5. New Trilby/DeFoe game?

    Posted 12 Aug 2008

    Okay, i dont know if Yahtzee is already making a new game in the DeFoe Saga, but should he? I mean he probably has a busy schedule and everything but I just got this addicted feeling to the Saga. Maybe a game set in the World of Magick where you play as the Arrogant Man/Old Prince???
    Or a game where you play as John DeFoe? Does anyone else want more games in the DeFoe saga?

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