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  1. In Topic: Pure Pwnage Parody

    Posted 20 Aug 2008

    QUOTE (Game Over @ Aug 20 2008, 03:16 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I finished it in 4 hours. and FYI, I am a "sand nigger". and why would be so stupid and weak minded to repeat Tech Virginia again?


    That is not what goes in my train of thoughts.

    .. .and I don't believe it's his. Your argument that Guitar Hero is 'pathetic' because people could just play a real guitar, is flawed at best. Using the same logic, people can go outside and stab, murder, maim, kill why bother having video games about it? It's 'pathetic' obviously. Guitar Hero does what it does well. It's selling point with the first iteration was 'Throw away your air guitar.' which sums up the game entirely really. It gives the average Joe who has no real hope of learning to play a real instrument - a chance to pretend they can, for fun. Sure, the controllers can be said to be gimmicky, but it's sold really, really well. Much as a lot of people have negative views on it, I doubt Harmonix/Red Octane really care, considering the amount of people buying their stuff.

    Lets face it; video games are still not a strong form of media. Not even as strong as cartoons. They're still building up. Good thing is that they're manipulative and can be a creative a way to make somethin' up. They still might look pathetic to some average people like me watching you play with plastic and watching the screen go boom.

    ...they aren't a strong form of media? Hm. Care to explain why the industry now earns more than Hollywood per year? Games are a strong form of media. Almost every form of media that we now take for granted; books, comics, movies, television has been challenged at some point or another as being 'pathetic' and a poor use of people's freedom of speech. The knee-jerk reaction, to blame video games for our current society's ills, saying that the bubble will burst and they'll cease to be popular, is the exact same thing that's been done time, and time again.

    By all means, if you actually want to put forward a valid argument, go ahead. However if you're going to start another meme littered post like the last one, I give up.

  2. In Topic: Pure Pwnage Parody

    Posted 19 Aug 2008

  3. In Topic: Pure Pwnage Parody

    Posted 18 Aug 2008's not an 'American urban myth' you're talking about though - it's plain ol' stereotyping.

    We (the English) are crumpet eating, chimney sweeping, upper-class, cockney, chips off the ol' block, didn't 'cha know.

    Or beer swilling football hooligan/retards.

    It' s the same school of thought that condemns all Americans as fat war-mongering retards.

    It's not bright, it's not clever, but it suffices for the purposes of humor...because stereotypes are funny and stupid.
  4. In Topic: Pure Pwnage Parody

    Posted 17 Aug 2008

    ...he's canadian.
  5. In Topic: A Prince of Persia movie?

    Posted 14 Aug 2008

    Jake Gylenhaal's the prince, Ben Kingsley is the bad guy.

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