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  1. In Topic: Robert Jordan?

    Posted 1 Dec 2008

    While I respect Robert Jordan and the vision he had for his series I found myself lost after the eighth book. The series started to become a soap opera with all the female angst and overempowerment propaganda. Throw that in with all the prophecies and the confusion of it all and I am done with the series. I haven't picked up a Wheel of Time book in a long time because of this. I don't think I will ever again for that matter.

    I'm pretty much reading the classic Robert Howard Conan short stories and finishing up Terry Brooks' Genesis of Shannara run.
  2. In Topic: Dedicated to Terry Brooks

    Posted 1 Dec 2008

    The Brooks books are much more than elves and trees. I'm also sick and tired of the notion that anything that comes after JRR Tolkien is a rip-off. Tolkien did not invent the fantasy genre and everything that comes after Tolkien is going to share elements of Tolkien simply because all fantasy borrows from older myths and legends our ancestors once believed in.

    The thing about most of Terry Brooks' books is the underlying repercussions our acitons are having on our planet. The characters feel real simply because even though the story takes place in a fantasy realm the characters are not distant like most fantasy characters. Also, Terry keeps his stuff real simple and non-convoluted unlike Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. I quit reading that series after the eigth book because it got to be too much.
  3. In Topic: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    Posted 1 Dec 2008

    QUOTE (TruJade @ Dec 1 2008, 11:21 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Another writers strike, oh no!
    We have other things to worry about

    Fox is moving the time slot to FRIDAY!!!! !
    Are they trying to kill the show ?

    Actor' s strike. Even worse. Like they don't make enough money.

    I kind of have to wonder about the Friday time slot as well. I can understand with 24 coming back but there are other places to put TSCC. Thursday is one place I can think at the 8PM timeslot.
  4. In Topic: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    Posted 28 Nov 2008

    QUOTE (TruJade @ Nov 20 2008, 02:07 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    WoWOwww Ho ho

    Wolfie, is that you???
    It's nice to have the other Jade back

    and yet again we agree
    i admit i was a naysayer of the show in the beginning

    but if i miss an episode on Monday night
    the hallways run red with the blood of those who tried to stop me

    Im only a tad obsessed now, though i kinda get the feeling
    they are trying to prolong needless story lines so they can add on seasons

    Sorry it has been so long and good to see us once more in agreement. This show really hit me during "Goodbye to all That" when Derek and John infiltrated the military academy. Brian Austin Green and Dekker showed some acting chops then.

    It does seem like they are dragging certain aspects of the storyline but I think it will pick back up as long as this stupid actor's strike doesn't come to fruition.
  5. In Topic: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    Posted 17 Nov 2008

    The show is actually pretty good if you sit through and watch it. Brian Austin Greene is surprisingly good and the progression of John Connor has been handled pretty well. Lena Headey is making a good Sarah Connor and the River Glau Terminator is not that bad.

    Christian Bale in the upcoming Terminator films will definetely rock!

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