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Topics I've Started

  1. I miss the old front page graphic

    Posted 20 Nov 2009

    Don't get me wrong, I like Laura's new art style better than the old one in general. But Lance holding a bar of soap just doesn't have the same charm as Lance with his arms crossed.
  2. Uncyclopedia Article on Yahtzee

    Posted 7 Sep 2009

    There's an "in the style of" article here about Yahtzee and Zero Punctuation, and I have to say it's pretty accurate. http://uncyclopedia.... iki/Ben_Croshaw
  3. Baby Buys Big Building Toy

    Posted 22 May 2009

    Toddler buys real digger online
    Page last updated at 15:47 GMT, Friday, 22 May 2009 16:47 UK

    A New Zealand couple nearly found themselves in a financial hole when their three-year-old daughter bought an earthdigger in an internet auction.

    The child, Pipi Quinlan, was trying out her online skills while her parents were asleep in bed.

    They only unearthed the truth when they received an email demand for NZ$20,000 (8,000) from the seller.

    Pipi's mother, Sarah, had left the computer logged on. The owner of the digger is not insisting on the sale.


    Sarah Quinlan told the BBC that she had been looking for toys online, and using an automatic log-in to an auction site.

    But a shock was in store when she got up the next day.

    "When I found an email from a guy who said 'can you deposit the money?' I thought - hang on - this isn't quite what I expected," she said.

    Pipi had only been allowed to use the computer for the first time the week before - but is obviously a fast learner.

    "It' s been a lot of fun," said Sarah, "She's earned a bit of notoriety."

    But Sarah is determined the same thing will not happen again, and has urged the parents of other young children not to be caught out.

    "I've taken all my automatic log-ins off anything she could purchase from," she said. co.u...fic/8063769.stm
  4. Goodbye, Duke Nukem

    Posted 7 May 2009

    It seems that Duke Nukem Forever's developer is shutting down.

    I'm a little surprised, but I guess I shouldn't be. Looking back on it, they never really had a sound business model. I'm no industry expert but here's a tip for anyone interested: Developing is important, but it helps to sell products at some point.
  5. Let's write for America

    Posted 26 Apr 2009

    Hey there. There hasn't been any collaborative writing or other fun creative stuff around here lately, so I thought I'd get the ball rolling with a little contest.

    The Contest
    Go to Conservapedia and write a good article. Your goal is to use Poe's Law to its maximum efficiency: Write the craziest, most obvious parody you can without anyone noticing.

    Write about whatever topic you want. Some ideas: Pick your favorite newspaper and expose its liberal slant, or write about how soy makes you gay, or explain how some non-Christian religion is immoral.

    1. The contest is in the month of May. You must have finished writing your article by May 31st. Allow a week or two for judging.
    2. Use a new account. No fair if you already have an account there with a (good) reputation.

    The most successful article will have the most outrageous statements and dodgiest references, and be the most accepted by the Conservapedia community. A compliment from the site's founder means you've won.

    The winner gets smug superiority.
    Everyone else goes to Hell, probably.

    Anyone interested?

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