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  1. CNN

    Posted 11 Jan 2008

    Any one interested in pointing out all the flaws with this network?

    I loathe the heavily opinionated broadcasts. Nancy Grace and Glennbeck telling us what they think is important is not news and shouldn't be scheduled on a station that promises us 24/7 news. Furthermore, I hate the idea of 24/7 news.

    I hate the graphic visuals that fly across the screen. I believe news should be boring and stale. An old man or women should be placed in a chair with no graphic logo bouncing in the corner of the screen. This person should be delivering the evening news with the flare a Myalgic Encephalomyelitis patient. The news should be so boring that the only thing compelling you to watch it is the actual story itself.

    I hate how journalists can spend 4 hours on an "unfolding event". As events unfold, there is little evidence or facts to report, so the same strands of useless info are presented over and over again. During this time an analyst with an opinion will appear, then, a different analyst with a different opinion will appear. Then we'll have live coverage of a field reporter telling us things like "not sure, too early, maybe, if so, how come, perhaps, and ok?" Amount of news reported:0 Amount of fear generated: 100

    I hate how they manufacture fear. If the middle east is calm, if world politics is quiet for a day, if no major disasters are to report, then our friends at CNN will march over to an investigation bureau and find a recently abducted kid, who is almost always cute.

    I hate how they restrict their coverage to presidential hopefulls who have multi-millions in funding and as a result don't need the exposure. I can't stand their polling system. Why do we have polls?

    I can't stand their special features, and more to the point, the titles they choose. DEATH GRIP:Inside Pro Wrestling? Or the all time in broadcasted fecal matter, "The Iraq War: The road to freedom". A live play by play of the opening battles, the victory, the insurgency etc..

    CNN is nothing more than entertainment. I don't feel smart pointing this out either, since it's been well written about before. When will 'we the people' just stop watching it. If we ignore it, the giant whore will leave us alone. I swear, I ignore street whores all the time ( I live in one of those areas) and it really works.

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