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  1. In Topic: Fun with Canada

    Posted 5 Sep 2009

    Decriminalizing drugs will eventually come to pass, virtually every public intellectual agrees on this subject. Most who hold any form of public office will denounce it of course, and I have a feeling they do so on the grounds that they feel the majority would want to here the denouncement. I'd care to find out how many incarcerated people are serving time on trafficking charges, exclusively (murdering, kidnapping withstanding). With all the evidence on this matter, prohibition being the largest historical precedent, nobody can give a good reason to continue the war on drugs.

    And maybe the wicked should be punished.
  2. In Topic: Fun with Canada

    Posted 5 Sep 2009

    I don't consider criminals to be wicked. That's the first thing that's wrong about that. And I also don't consider punishment a necessity for criminals. Harsh sentences, efforts to intimidate others into obeying the law through example making via capital punishment, so forth and so on.

    I was working on a rebuttal for some older arguments Hofmarn and I had in this forum. At the time I felt weary about giving any kind of retort since he never denied any of my allegations. Most times when I debate people on issues and I see that they are clinging to a certain ideology, I always try to expose the Hofmarn that lives with in them; especially those who refute being called a sado-masochist and left wing nut ball. Well, I feel this way again, and donít think Iím going to bother release my argument. The above statement pretty much sums up what I already new to a certain extent. There is almost no point of continuing this debate now, Spoon. There is nothing you can accuse Hofman of that he wouldn't happily admit. I suppose you can give him that much.

    Yes in general criminality should be punished.

    This comment here seems like an after-thought he had, not sure why he mentioned it.
  3. In Topic: Michael Jackson

    Posted 8 Jul 2009

    MJ, Diana Ross, and Quincy Jones all helped create the King of Pop. Michael Jackson had a bunch of recognizable hits and a few trademark dance moves. He also had signature fashion, which didn't age well. I'm not even sure it was cool for the period, but I'm willing to believe it was. He was miserable and secluded; locking himself inside some fictional world he created. He allowed special admittance to a select number of kids. He dyed his skin and mangled his face all in effort to look lighter and younger. He spent money like a Sultan, often renting out entire Hotels for himself when he went on tour.

    Even though he was secluded and weird that didn't stop his messianic/anti-Christ persona to come alive on stage. I'll never forget the Brit Awards where the messiah, dressed in white satin, was floating around like a ball of light whilst a sea of sick children where running up and touching him. He lip-synched the entire performance. It was embarrassing to witness, but that didn't stop people from giving a standing ovation.

    His fan are fucking nuts. And he molested boys. Nuff said.

    RIP - One of the greatest entertainers of our time.

    He was marketed well but he was not one of the greatest entertainer. He lip-synched most of his gigs and was a far cry Frank Sinatra, who by Michael's age probably played 1000 more shows. The guy was all over the place, coke ads, video games, etc... He might be the first singer to become a pez head. So can we drop the sentiment?
  4. In Topic: Somali piracy

    Posted 1 Jul 2009

    Over fishing of Somali stocks is directly linked to it's standing as a failed state. They can't police their own waters, had they been able then this would'nt be an issue. My communist jab was nothing more than tongue in cheek to Hofman's "capitalistic" remark. In a sea of good examples of capitalistic greed and expansion, this one is not on par.

    The Foreign boats fishing in these waters are doing so on their own terms without endorsement from their governments. It's neither capitalistic nor imperialistic; it's just blatant theft.

    I agree that something should be done. However, the Somalis first (and probably worst) option was forming a pirates club. This group quickly disseminated into a brotherhood of thieves.
  5. In Topic: Somali piracy

    Posted 30 Jun 2009

    The overfishing due to intrusive 'capatalitic nations', like communist China, did spur piracy. Local fisherman banded together and formed this mairne malitia to champion their costal rights and resources. However, over time they began to profit more from piracy than fishing, so they became full time pirates who champion nothing and steal for their own personal gain. They aren't fighitng against imperialism any longer, and one could make a sound argument they never were in the first place.

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