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  1. In Topic: Flooooooooooyd

    Posted 4 Sep 2005

    I go WAY back with the Floyd. I fell in love with The Wall at a young age (12 or 13) and Wish You Were Here and Animals followed closely after (props to my first and only guitar teacher for those ones, even if he did express only a 'meh' opinion about their stuff as a whole and especially the Wall). Like Chefelf, Animals really resonated with me. Even though i got into them at a young age i'm only now wrapping up their discography. It wasn't even until yesterday that i heard A Saucerful of Secrets (awesome, by the way). I didn't even hear Dark Side until 3 or 4 years after i first got into them.
    I couldn't give a favorite Floyd album today but these days any pre-Dark Side stuff just knocks me out. With or without Barrett, they were one of the best psychedelic bands in existence.
    I wouldn't have the enthusiasm for music that i do now if i hadn't discovered Pink Floyd when i did (then again maybe i would have, but Floyd got to me first so it get's top honors). I can listen to their stuff today and still get something more than nostalgia out of it.
  2. In Topic: Recent CD Purchases

    Posted 31 Aug 2005

    Blondie - Parallel Lines (why did i wait so long!?!?)
    Bob Dylan - Bringing it all Back Home
    Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd - Jazz Samba

    Pink Floyd - Saucerful of Secrets
    Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise
    Boredoms - Chocolate Synthesizer
    Arnold Schoenberg - Verklarte Nacht
  3. In Topic: Happy Birthday, Reader!

    Posted 31 Aug 2005

    I'm here. a belated thanks for all your birthday wishes. Wacky seeing ltts starting the thread.
    it's no use trying to understand my ear-hiding technique, Icey. It's meant to be implemented, not fathomed.
    Drawer and Writer are dead. I inherited both their titles.
  4. In Topic: Recent CD Purchases

    Posted 29 Aug 2005

    You're very welcome, Jar.

    Dungen - ta det lugnt
    the Microphones - The Glow Pt. 2
    the Make-Up - (live something-or-other)
    Mogwai - Young Team (i don't wanna hear nuthin' from none of you)
  5. In Topic: Recent CD Purchases

    Posted 15 Aug 2005

    Feist - Let it Die
    Les Savy Fav - Inches
    Dinosaur Jr. - You're Living All over Me
    Terry Riley - In C
    Mouse on Mars - Audiotracker (currently gining Niun Niggung a run for it's money)

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