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  1. In Topic: Tattoos!

    Posted 7 Mar 2008

    http:// s36.photobuck...=coloredtat. jpg Colored up and finished at last!

    The painting the roses red has special significance to me because I'm kind of a dreamer. Alice in Wonderland is my special day dream, my fantasy. I often wish I could live in a world of magic and nonsense. I hope to have my back covered in alice scenes one day.

    The ladybug was the first tattoo that I got. I did it as a personal goal, to overcome my fear of needles. I have a large freckle on my stomach below my navel and to the left. When I was little, 4 or 5, my dad used to tell me it was a bug. I would freak out and start clawing at my skin and crying. He thought it was the funniest thing ever. So I put a real bug there. Seeing his face when I showed it to him was the funniest thing ever for me. Payback's a bitch, daddy.
    But honestly, he's been pretty cool with it. He doesn't exactly 'apporve,' but he says 'You're an adult now, and it's your body. Do what you will." He hasn't made a huge deal out of my recent fascination with body art.

    I have an extremely low pain threshold. The ladybug, I endured. The back piece, however, I had to break up into a few sessions. It hurt like HELL. I think it's because I am so thin, the needle was hitting the bone. But here is a tip. Always get a good night's sleep beforehand, and EAT before you have it done. It won't hurt as bad. And ladies, under no circumstances get a tattoo if you are on your period. I tried to do some color fill in when I first started...All she could get done was the red splashes. I was crying my eyes out. It was the worst thing I had EVER felt. I kept telling her I didn't understand why it hurt more this time, and then she asked if I was on my period. I said yes, and she said well, that explains it, and told me to come back next weekend.

    Honestly, it's not so bad. I suggest bringing a friend to talk to. After awhile, the pain becomes so monotonous, you can kind of zone it out. I'm very proud of myself for making it through the alice piece. It's quite large for little ol' me. And the lady bug is pretty big too, for my first tattoo.

    There are several girls that I graduated with, the 'trendy' girls that are in the tattoo phase just for the hell of it, and they crack me up. This one got some stars across her calf. Not even colored in! Little tiny black outlines of stars. And then she says "Oh, look how brave I was! It hurt so bad!" And they don't even have any significant meaning to her. At least I didn't pussy out on my first tattoo, and I actually got a rather large one. Here are some links to the ladybug, by the way.

    http://s36. photobuck...ent=tatwewt.jpg

    http://s36. photobuck...urrent=tat2.jpg

    They're all shiny because that is when it was still healing. You have to keep some sort of vaseline intensive care, or A&D ointment on it for a week or two as it heals. And then it peels which is really icky and gross, and it itches, and you can't scratch it. You have to be very good about keeping the lotion on it so that it doesn't scab over. If it scabs up, it can screw up your art.
  2. In Topic: Lollerwaffle's back pain woes

    Posted 7 Mar 2008

    QUOTE (SimeSublime @ Mar 6 2008, 05:25 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    So, they won't operate but they will pump you full of pain killers? That hardly sounds like a long term solution. I hope you can endure until the 24th.

    I have had to drop yet another college class due to this. I am now just doing one class to hold on to my scholarship. My father was able to track down another pain management person, so I get to see him tuesday. Thank god. We'll see if a nerve blocker works, if not, I'll probably have laser surgery done at Microspine.
  3. In Topic: An old friend needs a favor.

    Posted 5 Mar 2008

    We are victorious! Thank you all for your help. The other ballot stuffer has conceded. And now I will make a separate thread to discusss the info with my back, since that's a whole separate topic.
  4. In Topic: An old friend needs a favor.

    Posted 3 Mar 2008

    QUOTE (SimeSublime @ Mar 3 2008, 10:09 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    He's cracked 51% now. Sorry to hear about your back, I have minor scoliosis, but like Heccubus it just affects my posture and ability to do heavy manual labour. My heart is my bigger problem these days. Good luck with the doctors.

    Your heart? Aren't you fairly young? What's wrong, dear?

    My dad has very minor scoliosis as well. Guess that's where I get it from. I was just unlucky. You know, only 2% of the female population gets scoliosis as severely as mine? How unlucky am I, eh? And women get it more often than guys.

    Thanks for the votes, this will be great publicity for Mr. Adkison.
  5. In Topic: An old friend needs a favor.

    Posted 3 Mar 2008

    QUOTE (Dr Lecter @ Mar 3 2008, 05:56 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I'., m pretty drunka rightawnow but i rghink i manegaged to vote.

    Dude, I totally thought you were someone else that I graduated high school with when you IM'ed me. So that's why I was so confused as to why you were drinking at 4 in the afternoon and then even more confused when you said you were in the UK or something. Sorry about that. =P

    If anyone hasn't voted, PLEASE take a moment of your time to do so. And thank you to all who have. My efforts have taken him from 17 votes last night to 138 votes. Dennis Wise, the ignorant jackass guy whom I really don't like, has been doing ballot stuffinf himself, but he just can't seem to keep up with me. Aren't I popular internet social butterfly? We are at 49% right now, my goal is to push Adkison over 50% and keep him there. Please help! =)

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