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  1. In Topic: Familiar?

    Posted 9 Feb 2007

    Well, we heard from the big man himself Once I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken. I know Yahtzee has better values and morals in his work than to lie to us. Many apologies, Yahtzee. And to all you who, along with me, took the time to think this over, my apologies. wacko.gif blushing.gif
  2. In Topic: Familiar?

    Posted 8 Feb 2007

    No, I can't remember anything about the game except the layout. It was an amateur game...I have played hundreds of them, but I don't forget that a game has the exact stairway, outside, reception area, etc. I even remembered the crooked bar room door. I have played the entire 5 days series so far...I remember the cut scenes. I always know if I have played a game before. It wasn't Silent Hill, I've played all 4. It was an amateur game. I'd email Yahtzee, but the way he writes about emails, he seems to hate them and doesn't always answer them anyway. The fact is I am afraid to email him. The only thing I could think of was the Arthur Yahtzee games. (I think that was what the series was called) He's got them up on his site and I think they are downloadable now, they weren't the last time I tried. I actually did email him on the fact that there was nothing in the links, but I looked yesterday and it seems that they have been fixed. It may be one of them, because I was around when Yahtzee said he had to write them and put them on someone else's computer. Boy, I'm getting old. blushing.gif I wish someone somewhere would tell me I'm not crazy. wacko.gif

    PS....very funny CJ laugh.gif
  3. In Topic: Familiar?

    Posted 8 Feb 2007

    It's been so long ago it could have been up to 5-7 years ago, at least. But I did play the hotel scenery in a game before Trilby's Notes.

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