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  1. In Topic: So what is the OFFICIAL official name of the whole series?

    Posted 13 Feb 2007

    I'd like to nominate "Those Four Scary Adventure Games That Yahtzee Guy Made," or T4SAGTYGM (and maybe shortened to T4SAG), as the official name for the series.

    If Yahtzee makes more games in the same series, we can always up the number. Of course, the name might become obsolete if he decides to make some unrelated scary adventure games.
  2. In Topic: Yahtzee gets some recognition

    Posted 7 Feb 2007

    First off, I said he got recognition from someone in the industry, not from the industry. Big difference there.

    Also, you seem to have completely missed the adventure game adaptation of "And Then There Were None" that company did, and supposedly that author also worked on the (again, adventure game) adaptation of "Murder on the Orient Express." Plus, I think the rest of the article lends the guy some credibility.

    I didn't know about any other or bigger mentions Yahtzee's gotten, but it was cool to see him get a mention and a link in that article, and on that site.
  3. In Topic: 6DAS Spoilers

    Posted 7 Feb 2007

    What do you mean, his uncle? He killed his dad, not his uncle. (I, personally, originally thought that 'Jonathan' was his uncle, but no, it's his dad.)

    Okay, you're right, where did I get uncle from, then? So yeah, killing his father is a pretty good agony of the soul.

    Because I played that specific bit 3 times...
    When Somerset runs into the New Prince, he just turns around and jumps down that hole.

    And that's it. No dialogue or anything. The New Prince just stands... er, floats there and watches Somerset jump down the hole. So exciting.

    Hmm, odd. I remember that now, that's the same hole that the new Prince knocked the Arrogant Man down, presumably to be tortured and/or killed by Chzo. That kind of opens up an interesting view of the Caretaker.

    When he first arrived in Chzo, Somerset still seemed basically like Somerset; still lost and confused and very human. However, the Caretaker we see later (and earlier) is obviously a bit wiser and more knowledgable about his abilities. So, my guess is that when Somerset fell down that hole, Chzo realized/already knew (stupid nonlinear time) his potential usefulness, and instead of just torturing him for the fun of it, guided Somerset to a better knowledge of time and his own powers, to take on his role as the Caretaker, the final piece of the puzzle Chzo needed to create the bridge.

    I'm not sure about that idea that the New Prince is totally dedicated to Chzo. Theo certainly held no love for Chzo, so why should his own will be totally destroyed beyond any minor rebellion in his Princification if Cabadath's was not?

    Well, like I said, Theo had received all of the "Blessed Agonies" while Cabadath never experienced the agony of the soul. I'm assuming this would make him more malleable than Cabadath. Also, the new Prince's, "protect him always" quote in reference to Chzo seems fairly reverent. Plus, he's still around guarding Chzo 200 years later. I guess I don't have any real evidence to support that claim, but Chzo had 400 years worth of people to choose, so I think he'd get one that'd be totally subservient.
  4. In Topic: trilby fanart

    Posted 6 Feb 2007

    Seems that the Trilby clones have picked up on one of Trilby's old habits. And I wondered how DaCabe got them to keep on in.

    Very nicely done.
  5. In Topic: 6DAS Spoilers

    Posted 6 Feb 2007

    QUOTE (durry @ Feb 6 2007, 05:22 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I'm not so sure that that is Trilby's agony of the soul... one of the notes said that it was losing something you completely depend on emotionally(a rough paraphrase). I can't think of any good alternatives, but one possibility could be the fact that he didn't stop Chzo after all his years of work and was even captured and bound to Chzo (although, yes I believe that was a clone).

    As for Somerset, his agony of the soul could be killing his father or being incarcerated(as this took away his life as a psychologist... far less likely IMO).

    Yeah, I know that Trilby killing Phillip was a bit iffy, but he sure seems to agonize about it a lot. I mean, when you spark the clean Trilby clone's memory with the name "Harty," he certainly seems to go through a bit of mental turmoil. Maybe Trilby isn't pure after all, though. Makes sense, because the pure people (DaCabe, Somerset) seem to get amazing kinds of power while Trilby just gets to be an army of confused clones.

    And I completely forgot about Somerset's uncle (not father). Killing family is a lot better agony of the soul than killing a crazed zombie.

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