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A gal I met on a film set told me about the "reasons," and sent me an email with the link. I emailed Chef, to say good job. We kept in touch, and then he invited me here.

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  1. In Topic: Star Wasr: The Focre Rewekkened Wasn't That Bad

    Posted 5 Mar 2018

    So far of the new Star Wasr movies, I enjoyed Rogue One the most.
  2. In Topic: I am a genius

    Posted 18 Apr 2017

    View Post Jordan, on 09 April 2017 - 03:24 AM, said:

    Civ #2 it's been years! Good to see one of your posts again, even if it was short.

    I haven't seen Rogue One and probably won't. I did watch the latest in the main saga and thought it was mediocre. I was sad to see the main villain was a literal example of Dracco in Leather Pants. It's the laziest of all the villain / tragic hero story lines. After watching Game of Thrones, I now think it's impossible for modern fantasy / sci-fi writers to create good villains. And, if they do (in the case of Prince Joffery) they murder them off half way through the story instead of exploring the character in a meaningful sense. Bad guy deaths rarely serve a purpose in modern fantasy realm, other than sate blood lust in the audience. "fuck yea, he deserved it".


    Yeah Rogue One is a lot more interesting than Force Awakens, for some of the reasons you mention. Kylo Ren is boring as hell and the whole movie was just a not-subtle reboot rather than a sequel. Rogue One on the other hand is all about different characters, a new plot (it's entirely a war movie this time), some Star Wars lore (there is a force-user), and jokes that actually work. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a good movie to a person who didn't like Star Wars at all, but it's a good Star Wars movie.

    I'm not anticipating the upcoming chapters, but at least I am not dreading them like I did with the prequels.
  3. In Topic: I am a genius

    Posted 1 Feb 2017

    View Post azerty, on 24 December 2016 - 02:49 AM, said:

    Posted 11 April 2005 - 05:45 PM

    Post #18, page 2 "Final Countdown"

    In keeping with my theory that sequels in an episodic saga should follow each other quickly in time, and also have individual climaxes that wrap up their own story, here is how the movie that precedes Star Wars should end: Those rebel spies have benn trying to get plans to the Death Star, and have been having lots of adventures and close scrapes along the way. In the end, they manage to beam the plans to a ship waiting in orbit, thus foiling their enemies and they think that they have just saved the day. It tells it's own adventure, with the goal achieved, while simultaneously leading into the next film, (Star Wars).

    Ha ha I had forgotten about this post.

    Too bad you hadn't the chance to sell it to Disney. You were on to the nut of the idea, and it was a good one.
  4. In Topic: Star Trek Into Darkness

    Posted 25 Nov 2013

    Well don't say no one warned you:

    http://www.chefelf.c... topic=9938&st=0
  5. In Topic: Free Will

    Posted 21 Dec 2012

    Jordan I don't understand what you mean when you say we can't create new thoughts. Thoughts are the product of our experiences and the way our formed personalities react to stimuli. To say thoughts come out of brains only and therefore they must pre-exist there is to say that the brain is a closed system. It is not. You might as well say, as some do, that the Earth is dying because energy goes away over time. Again, this presupposes that the Earth is a closed system, which it is not: we gain energy from the sun.

    Anyway, yes, you can make new thoughts. Stimuli in, responses out.

    "In theory there is no such thing as random events." Ok, I'll let that go there, but you CANNOT predict everything because all of the variables are impossible to track. Impossible, not difficult. There are too many, observing takes too long, etc. It's like trying to write down every detail of your life, a la Tristram Shandy. You will find it takes longer to write about the thing that it does to live it. So anyway, since the majority of life's business is unpredictable, you will react to what happens, and to the reactions of other people as well. To say that the fellow who walked near you and overheard the thing you said that reminded him of something that made it so he got his wife the thing she wanted ... to say that was predetermined is just a philosophical decision. It makes no practical sense to imagine that.

    I am going to drop a die. In the future, its result is already known, Now, I don't know the result. Numerous variables determine what its result will be, even though you could say that in the future it is already known, and that all time is simultaneous. In order to draw that conclusion however, you have to look at time as something completely different from what it is, that is, it has to be fully observable, rather than in this way where our consciousnesses can only perceive it in one very limited way. Looking at it in a way other than the only way you are physically able to look at it is to embrace a philosophical interest that has no practical application. After all, with all your philosophy you will never be able to see the die roll until I roll it. Your reaction is not knowable before the fact. I will call your unknown reaction Free Will.

    PS: I don't really have a die, and I am not about to roll it. React to THAT!

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