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I typed "starwars hate" in google and found Lance and Eskimo. I loved Paul and Chef's articles so I joined the boards, from there I migrated to these forums.


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  1. Free Will

    Posted 14 Nov 2012

    All my life I believed I had free will. Lately, I've been researching the topic and it's coming to light that perhaps I've been wrong all this time, perhaps free will is just an illusion.

    Is there any one here that has an argument FOR free will? I can't find any logical argument that would prove we have it.
  2. UK masochism

    Posted 24 Jul 2012

    So, I couldn't help but notice in preparation for the summer Olympics, London has deployed 18,400 (the lowest number I've read is 17,600) soldiers to keep the event 'safe'. To give you some perspective, according to the Washington post, current troop levels in Afghanistan are around 9,500. London will also have, in addition to the small army they've set aside, two warships, jet fighters, helicopters, and....missile bays stationed on residential roof tops.

    It's pretty obvious who they're anticipating to cause mayhem. It's painfully obvious, yet any official government statement on the issue uses the amorphous and utterly censorious term 'terrorism'. They've even made comments on UK television stating these measures are not specifically pointing towards Islamists.

    The UK has done more than any other host country for Muslims, especially in terms of granting them adequate voice and support to function in society. There are even tenants of Shiria in the UK, which Muslims can use amongst themselves in the court of law.

    Pew polls (another link) show that UK Muslims have no interest in assimilating with the UK. It would seem more Muslims are worried about pop culture influencing their way of life than extremism.

    The UK is at a crossroads. On one hand they are paralyzed by years of white guilt, so much so that they are totally incapable of disparaging certain cultures. Yet, on the other hand they will drop 1.5 billion on security out of fear of these groups, to whom they can’t openly criticize. Sure, pundits in the UK say what they want, but these people are often dismissed as racists and warmongers, which generally will stop conversation in its tracks.

    The term I heard from Daniel Dennet, Tufts university philosopher, is ‘hyper-multiculturalism’ which is either the Western worlds inability to cast judgment on others in light of its historical shortcomings or the need to believe that all cultures are more or less the same with an equal distribution of good, bad, and ugly. Another issue the UK deals with is fear of reprisal for saying not nice things at all about Islam.

    *total security for Olympics is at 50,000 with local police and private contractors taken into account
  3. Where is the Sheriff of this Town?

    Posted 3 Mar 2011

    The bots have taken over the forums. They need to be brought to justice, or just killed on sight.
  4. Do you want to laugh?

    Posted 26 Jan 2011

    http://www. youtube.c...h?v=XIEHI0vfCBk

    Visit that link on youtube, if you don't die from laughing then you have no sense of humor!
  5. How to get a JOB?

    Posted 30 Apr 2009

    I'm unempolyed mellow.gif

    Such is life, so now I need a new job. The last job I got, and it was the only 'real' job I ever had, was given to me by some one I knew in the company. I didn't really have to impress any one. I walked in gave the HR agent my resume, and within 2 hours I was brought to my desk. It took no skill on my part to get that desk.

    I now need a new job. Here is my Problem

    I want to work in a new field. There is nobody in my city that wants me. I have a bit of experience in a different and very specific field, which is dead at the moment. I want to work in the energy field. Every energy company in my city only wants seniors and people with relevant experience.

    I have my cover letter and resume, but there are no job openings for me.

    I'm really excited to work in this field, I've even done 50hrs minimum of research learning about these companies. Should I go in and ask for a job, even though there are none? I'm willing to work for less than what I made before, just as long as I have a stable job within the company. How do you get a new job in a new field with no experience and with no job openings?

    If you tell me to go back to my old field, then I'll say I hated it and it's dead at the moment (ie-no work). The energy sector is not dead and will never die so I'm hoping to land a stable job there.

    I'm thinking I go to these companies with CL/Resume in hand and just plead for a job, and impress them with my knowledge of their company. Any ways, what do you think?

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