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From playing Yahtzee's games and laughing really hard (in a library) at the flow charts and comics.
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  1. In Topic: BG Music in the XDAS games

    Posted 17 May 2007

    The two problems I've most commonly had with midi (and with different AGS games) is a) I use Cakewalk, and it interfers with Windows' setting of the midi. There's something in Control Panel under "sound, video" etc. that has a midi setting to tell it what your hardware is. Sometimes it'll work in one program, not another, and that's what's worked in that instance.

    And there's cool.gif which is that your AGS games configuration for music device isn't set to something that works. Fiddle with that, (once putting sound to "default waveout" rather than "default sound" made the midi work for some reason.) Sorry this is rather vague, I'm on someone else's computer right now, and can't check the specifics.

    Hope that helps,
  2. In Topic: 6DAS Spoilers

    Posted 6 Feb 2007

  3. In Topic: 6DAS Spoilers

    Posted 6 Feb 2007

    Erm, been following this post, but...what does TLDR mean? Thanks.
  4. In Topic: 6 days an s-word...

    Posted 17 Jan 2007

    6 Days a Soprano.
  5. In Topic: The countdown - a series of text adventures

    Posted 13 Jan 2007

    Well, now I have to get those special editions. Even if it means--and it will--beating the half with the credit card. Must have! Want!

    Of course, playing these text adventures has now hooked me on Inform 7...and that "Building" game WinFrotz comes with frustrates to all hell.

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