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  1. The M&M commercial

    Posted 8 Jul 2005

    We've all seen the commercial where the Darth Vader tries to get the M&Ms to join the dark side, the red refuses but the yellow accepts the dark lord's offer thereby setting up a conflict that surely will be resolved in a thrilling series of EU fanfics.

    The question arises. Is this canon? The answer has to be yes!!! It has the official blessing of Lucas's corporation or the commercial never would have aired. (Although I'm at a loss as to why a candy company would want to link themselves to a child murderer but that's neither here nor there.)

    Yet I go to the official Star wars sites and there is no mention of how the M&Ms fit into the star wars universe. What the fuck? What's wrong with these sitekeepers? They call themselves fans? There are so many unanswered questions raised by the commercial and neither Lucas nor the fansites are doing anything to answer them!!!!!

    Are the M&Ms clones too? Does Yoda have good relations with the candies as well as the wookies? Do the ETs mistake them for their favorite candies? Are there candy jedis?

    I want to know it all!!!
  2. Space Shuttle Tragedy Reference

    Posted 31 May 2005

    Was I the only one who couldn't help but think during the shot of the burning space ship coming in for a landing that it was intentionally filmed in such a manner as to evoke the shuttle tragedy? Straight line re-entry, burning, disintigrating as it hits the atmosphere.

    Then when it clips the control tower, the tower collapses in a manner very much reminiscent of the WTC (the straight down collapse of the towers had a lot to do with the lattice cage that surrounded them, something not at all evident on the control tower which in the film takes a side impact from an object that would appear to have dwarfed it in terms of mass.)

    Am I paranoid or does anyone else think that Lucas was seeking to score some unearned emotional punch by evoking two recent and still-raw tragedies?
  3. Rank the Star Wars films

    Posted 6 Jan 2005

    Just curious as to how others here rank the Star Wars films on a scale of 1 to 10 and in relation to other films. The films I picked for my list, I tend to bring up a lot in conversation so I feel confident in ranking them and defending my choices.

    10) The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, 2001: A Space Odyssey
    9) The Matrix, Reservoir Dogs, Once Upon A Time In the West, O Brother Where Art Thou, John Woo's The Killer, Taxi driver
    8) Dawn of the Dead (1979 version), Enter the Dragon, Shogun Assassin, Harold and Maude
    7) THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, Ronin, Miller's Crossing, Bourne Identity, You Only Live Twice, Mystery Men
    6) STAR WARS, Napoleon Dynamite, Enemy At the Gates, Ilsa She Wolf of the SS
    4) RETURN OF THE JEDI, The Rock, The Mummy Returns, The Ghost In the Invisible Bikini
    3) Pearl Harbor, Rambo Part II, Superman, Casino Royale
    2) Armegeddon, Cobra, Airport 79: the Concorde, Death Wish IV
    1) Monster A Go-Go
  4. The Missing Scene in RotJ

    Posted 5 Dec 2004

    I've alreadyregistered in these foruims my complete disgust with Lucas's decision in RotJ to have Vader morally redeemed at the end of the movie. But I would like to note one additional thing. If Lucas was going to do this, the least he could do was to mine it for all its dramatic potential.
    Luke decides that saving his father's soul is going to be his number one objective. What is overlooked here is that Vader murdered Leia's father. And mother. And presumedly her entire extended family.

    Now listen closely, George Lucas. You probably haven't heard this word before. But this is called...DRAMA. If you are going to have a story where the hero chooses to redeem his sociopathic mass murderer of a father, there has to be a voice in opposition and that voice, by the logic of your story construct, is Leia: the woman Luke loves and the woman who has every reason to hate his father. Where is the scene where Leia declares to Luke he mustn't do this thing, that if he does she will hate him forever? Now, at least, his decision wil have consequence.

    And what's more, this solves the triangle without having to resort to the brother-sister crap. Luke chooses Vader over Leia, and Leia, seeing in the end Vader's happy ghost, knows that she and Luke can never be.
  5. Reasons to hate the OT

    Posted 20 Oct 2004

    Since jariten has been warmly received here with his heresy (the PT is as good as the OT), I think it only right that I, being the anti-Jariten (believing the OT sucks as much as PT), should have my say.
    Over the next week I'll list out my reasons why I believe the original Star Wars movies are just not that good. In fact, I believe they (mostly) suck.

    1) The redemption of Darth Vader. This is the only reason that transcends aesthics. As I have stated elsewhere on this forum, it is the most morally repugnant element I have encountered in ANY movie. Every other reason I will list, if accepted, merely point to the movies being bad. The theme of seeking redemption for a genocidal murderer and having it achieved at virtually no cost and, further, that it should be seen as a source of rejoicing is sickening. Lucas is a piece of filth for foisting this sick excuse for a morality play onto children.

    2) The Emperor is the most ludicrous master villian ever. Cackling like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, grinning like a pervert while he tries to get Luke to "give in" to his hatred. Jesus Christ, how come Lucas never gave him a handlebar mustache to twirl?

    3) The two sides of the force are NOTHING more than good and evil. That's it. Replace all talk of the dark and light side of the Force with those two words and you have exactly the same story except now it is revealed as the sophomoric writing that it is:
    "Luke, you have no idea of the power that comes...from being EEEEVIL."
    At least ep. 4 suggested that Vader might have become evil by cutting corners and making sacrifices. By ep. 6, its established that you can become EEEEVIL just by getting mad.

    (more to come)

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