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I was looking for a picture of Padme's necklace (japor snippet) on google and it lead me to chefelf's 91 reasons to hate episode 3. and i've been hooked ever since

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  1. In Topic: Lucas Blames YOU!

    Posted 14 Feb 2012

    So I saw it. And the pod race wasn't even the worst part.
    It was Jar Jar and to a lesser extent Boss Nass. By a landslide.

    How peculiar this experience was for me because for the first time I stopped blaming Jake Llyod
    Purely based on the reality that he has suffered more than many of us for the sake of Star Wars

    After watching the sort of 3D presentation
    and then viewing MovieBob's video I have decided that
    much like the Gungans and the Naboo it is time for PEACE

    http://www.escapistm... -13-Years-Later
  2. In Topic: Lucas Blames YOU!

    Posted 7 Feb 2012

    I love Clone Wars too.
    Definitely the best thing in a while
    to crawl out of the money grubbing cesspool.
    I'll even forgive Asoka's existence, I think its that good.

    As for TPM
    *sigh* Ill see it.

    Don't know if I'll be trolling
    especially if there are kids around.
    However, somehow I know that just sitting through that 20 minute pod race, I'll be thinking the jokes on me
  3. In Topic: What are you reading?

    Posted 31 Jan 2011

    Im in 3rd year University
    so I need stupid girlie fun now and again
    to break up the monotonous academic reading

    After I re-read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
    I began reading the Hush,Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
    followed by the sequel book Crescendo

    I anxiously await the final book in the series Silence
    They make my life bearable
    so I beg you don't judge:P
  4. In Topic: Best Movies of 2010 & Predictions for 2011

    Posted 31 Jan 2011

    2010 was not a bad year for movies
    some of the best have already been mentioned
    How to Train Your Dragon, Inception, Avatar

    I also really enjoyed The Town even though it was basically
    an updated/combined version of Point Break and Set It Off
    Megamind was predictable but quite hilarious

    Best waste of time/ Mindless Fun: The Expendables
    Biggest surprise: The Social Network
    Best Sequel: Toy Story 3
  5. In Topic: Should G Lucas be court ordered to never make another Stars Wars Film.

    Posted 23 Aug 2010

    ugggh so conflicted !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!
    the desire to give him another chance is just too great

    to fully vote yes but . . . on the other hand
    the fact that he wants to make a live action movie of the Clone Wars Tv show

    AND help Speilberg with Indy 5
    I vote Yes

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Star Wars


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