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  1. In Topic: Lucas Mocks Spider Man 3

    Posted 30 Jul 2007

    As much as I feel that the prequel movies are pretty bad and silly (Then again, the original movies are silly too) I would much rather watch all three of them in a row then have to sit through that crap Spiderman3 again. sick.gif
  2. In Topic: Contradictions, Plot holes between the Trilogies

    Posted 11 Jul 2007

    Well, if I couldn't figure out any decent explanation then yes, I just agree with him and say that the PT screwed it up. If someone else can think of an explanation for the ones that I couldn't though then maybe it wasn't a screw-up. I'm more than willing to accept what sounds like a decent explanation for the ones I couldn't think of an answer for.
  3. In Topic: Contradictions, Plot holes between the Trilogies

    Posted 10 Jul 2007

    1 - Age of the Republic. ANH: "A thousand generations" vs. AOTC: "a thousand years"

    Yes, a bit of a screw up there.

    2 - AOTC/ROTS: All stormtroopers are clones of Jango Fett. OT: they have different heights and different voices... none of them sound like Temura Morrison.

    Battlefront 2's campaign explains this. (And I'm pretty sure Lucas himself said something similar) They started cloning other.

    3 - Size of the Clone Army. AOTC: States 1.2 million "units." By the OT, how can there be enough Stormtroopers to patrol the Galaxy if it takes 10 years to grow them and they age at 2x the normal rate?

    Well, I'm sure that once the Republic learned about Kamino and the whole clone army they would start putting in more money toward more clones and there are most likely other cloners on the planet for even more clone production.

    4 - How can Leia remember her real mother (ROTJ), if not only was she born AFTER her twin Luke (ROTS), but Padme died in childbirth?

    Yes that was stupid.

    5 - When did Obi-Wan Kenobi serve Bail Organa during the Clone Wars? (ANH)

    Another screw-up in the PT.

    6 - Design of the Tantive IV (name not stated in movie, but Captain Antilles's ship), how does it change so radically in 20 years? (ROTS vs. ANH)

    See above.

    7 - Why doesn't R2D2 remember the past 20 years?

    It could have had a memory wipe like 3PO within those 20 years. R2 could also have been told to never speak of the PT events.

    8 - Why did Ben Kenobi forget about Leia (ESB vs. ROTS)?

    Maybe for some reason he thought that Leia wouldn't be as powerful/strong in the Force as Luke and so wouldn't be a good choice.

    9 - When did Anakin demonstrate that he was "already a great pilot" when Obi-Wan "first knew him"? (ROTJ vs. TPM)

    The pod racing and the destroying of the Trade Federation battleship.

    10 - When did Owen show any disagreement with Anakin, to the extent described by Obi-Wan? (ANH vs. AOTC/ROTS)

    Another PT screw-up.

    11 - Why does Yoda say that Jedi never use the Force for attack, but only 'knowledge and defense', and why does he disparage war/warriors? (ESB vs. AOTC/ROTS)

    Maybe going through the Clone Wars and order 66 made him believe that using the force to attack could easily lead a Jedi to the dark side.

    12 - Why was Luke "hidden" on Anakin's home planet, at the homestead of the family his mother married into and his last name not changed? (ROTS vs. ANH)

    As far as Vader knows his wife and any children she had are dead. As for hiding Luke at Anakin's home planet Obi most likely thought that Vader would avoid going back there to try and keep his past buried.

    13 - Why doesn't Chewie react to Han Solo's bad-mouthing of the Jedi and the Force? (ANH vs. ROTS)

    He got into it with Han about his dislike of Jedi so many times that he just got sick of arguing and decided to give up.

    14 - Why doesn't R2D2 ever use his rocket boosters again? (AOTC/ROTS)

    After so much use of it over a few decades it just got worn out and it would cost a lot of credits to replace them so they decided that money was needed elsewhere.

    15 - Why did the first Death Star take twenty years to build, while the second, larger and more powerful station, was built in 1-3 years? (ROTS vs. ROTJ)

    They might have started building Death Star II while Death Star I was still being built. Also DS2 was never completed. Notice that it had several spots that were incomplete.

    16 - When was it shown that Anakin was a "good man" and a "good friend" before he turned to the Dark Side? (ROTS vs. ANH/ROTJ)

    Another PT screw up.

    17 - Why did Obi-Wan refer to Yoda as "The Jedi Master who instructed me" when he was instructed by Qui Gon Jinn? (TPM vs. ESB)

    See above.

    18 - Why does Yoda moan about Luke being "too old to begin the training" when Obi-Wan had no problem with it, and supposedly Yoda thought 9 year old Anakin was "too old"? (TPM vs. ANH/ESB)

    Well, if he thinks 9 years is too old don't you think that he would feel someone in their 20s is way too old?

    19 - What happened to Jar Jar Binks?

    Hopefully he died.

    20 - (Special Editions) Why does anyone on Tatooine care when the Empire falls?

    Don't know.

    21 - Why does Obi-Wan wear his Jedi uniform "in hiding" on Tatooine? (ANH vs. TPM/AOTC/ROTS)

    Well, he's out in the middle of nowhere. Whose going to see that he's a Jedi? Sand People?

    22 - What happened to all the battle droids?

    They were turned off and most likely later gathered up and destroyed by the Empire.

    23 - Why isn't Luke able to stop the Emperor's lightning attack and why doesn't Yoda at least show him how to counter it? (ROTJ vs. AOTC/ROTS)

    Another PT screw up.

    24 - If there are only always ever two Sith "no more, no less... a master and an apprentice" (TPM) why does Vader recommend that Luke could be turned into a "powerful ally" and the Emperor agrees he would be a "great asset"? (TPM vs. ESB)

    Well, the Jedi are all dead and they are in control, so they now can start rebuilding the Sith Empire.

    25 - Why do Obi-Wan, Anakin, Owen and Beru appear so old if only 18-20 years have past since we last saw them? (ANH/ROTJ vs. ROTS)

    They most likely were mid-aged and so ready to start looking old.

    26 - Why doesn't Admiral Motti seem aware of the reality of the Force and the power of those who wield it? (PT vs. ANH)

    Maybe he saw the fact that the Jedi were destroyed as proof that they really did not have any kind of power.

    27 - What happened to the Imperial military in those two decades that they lost nearly all their hardware and technology? (ROTS vs. OT)

    After a couple of decades of great power they decided to just save money and lessen their military tech so the money could be spent elsewhere.

    28 - Why doesn't Obi-Wan recognize the droids? (ANH vs. PT)

    There are plenty of 3PO and R2 model droids out there. Why would he think that those two would just happen to be the same ones he knew decades ago?

    29 - Why doesn't Owen Lars recognize the droids? (ANH vs. AOTC)

    See above.

    30 - Why don't Luke or Leia ever find out that R2D2 knows everything about their past?
    Any more?

    Memory wipe or orders to never tell maybe.

    31 - Why doesn't Qui Gon Jinn appear as a spirit at the end of ROTJ? (see AOTC/ROTS)

    Maybe after being "one with the Force" for several decades he became so one that he could never again be a ghost.

    32 - If one has to be "trained" to become a spirit after death, when did Anakin ever learn it? (ROTS vs. ROTJ)

    Another PT screw up.

    33 - When did Anakin express the desire for his son to have his lightsaber when he was "old enough" (and if the Jedi are trained from birth, does that mean as a toddler? but since the Jedi aren't allowed to have children... then what?)?

    See above.

    34 - How many Wars were there? Why does Yoda refer to it as "the Clone War" instead of the "Clone WarS" (plural)? (AOTC vs. ANH)

    Another screw up.

    35 - Why does Ben refer to Vader as "Darth" if that is a Sith title rather than a personal name? (see ANH)

    Because he was the only person at the time that was refered to as Darth since Sidious was only known as the Emperor.

    36 - Was Vader really "but the learner" when he "left" Obi-Wan? (ANH vs. ROTS)

    Yes. Vader later saw that he wasn't yet ready to defeat Obi-Wan as he was a new Sith. He saw that he was unprepared.

    37 - Did Obi-Wan really stop going by that name (and start going by the name "Ben") "before" Luke was born? (ANH vs. ROTS)

    Another PT screw up.
  4. In Topic: Attack Of The Clones Logic

    Posted 19 Oct 2006

    QUOTE (Darth Player @ Sep 1 2006, 04:21 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    And what of the cavalier way Obi Wan dismisses the death of one of the clone pilots in ROTS when they go on the attack on Grievous' ship? Anakin shows more concern! Obi Wan engages in playful banter with the Cody clones before going to Uutapu, where they stay aboard the cruiser to wait for his signal to engage and attack, seeming he has bonds with some of them in a friendly manner, and yet he dismisses their deaths in battle. Something's out of whack here, when you consider Yoda's speech to Luke in ESB about how the Force permeates through all living things (even the tree and the rock) and the treatment the clones get. Their use as cannon fodder in battle doesn't seem to effect the balance of the Force or raise more concern from the Jedi. Odd to say the least.

    Well, as Yoda tells Anakin a little while after the battle the Jedi are supposed to let things go. That attachment could eventually lead to the darkside.
  5. In Topic: Commander Cody

    Posted 19 Oct 2006

    QUOTE (Storm @ Oct 19 2006, 06:23 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    It's also interesting to note that Cody does a very sloppy job in attempting to dispose of Kenobi. As where the other clone commanders snuck up on their Jedi generals and shot them in the back of the head (which is what I would have done), Cody ordered another clone to fire at Kenobi from a ridiculously far distance. Perhaps part of him wanted Kenobi to live, therefore gave him a decent chance of surviving.

    Well, Obi was going up a cliff wall at the time. Wouldn't it be hard to sneak up behind him at that point?

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