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  1. In Topic: Barack Obama Will Not Look Like This

    Posted 20 Mar 2013

    I expect he bathes in the blood of the countless innocents he murders with his drone death squads.
  2. In Topic: Violence, Nazis, or Abortions

    Posted 2 Dec 2012

    Do they seriously compare getting an abortion to the holocaust? What exactly do they say? That's... well, wow. Your logic here is pretty sound, a very good point, I just can't believe it's required.
  3. In Topic: Free Will

    Posted 30 Nov 2012

    ...But to an observer who could view things in a level sufficient to reveal that we dont have free will, it has to be really boring... And if we BELIEVE in free will, doesn't that ipso facto make it a reality (excepting the idea that some foreign deity creates what is real and not, what is truth and not, etc) if we perceive ourselves as having free will, than we do. That last bit down there sounds a bit to meta and Matrixy for me to work out just now.

    View PostJordan, on 30 November 2012 - 02:55 AM, said:

    You know whats really fucked up, we aren't even the author of our own thoughts. Thoughts just 'happen' with consiousness. We have an ability to select thoughts that already preexist in our brains but we can't really create new thoughts. How would you? It would require you to pre-think them before you think them. FUCKED UP.
  4. In Topic: Free Will

    Posted 30 Nov 2012

    Here's an argument against predestination from a deist perspective: IT WOULD BE BORING. I think free will has to exist just for God to have something to watch. Otherwise, what's the point? Why would any of us be damned or sent to paradise for merely doing what we were already going to do anyhow? Also, the sheer number of possibilities before us to be plotted and determined is simply beyond the perception of anything humanity can invision. Imagine time in a predestined environment as a straight line, stacked up in such a way that each even builds upon another (a time line, in my opinion, seems the only possible way predestination could work, no other perception of time would really allow for such) now, if one thing goes out of line, it tips over everything infront of it like dominoes. I cannot believe that the structure of the time/space continuum is so brittle. Time is probably a great deal more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey... stuff.
  5. In Topic: Bonus disc orginal versions.

    Posted 28 Aug 2012

    Wait do you mean the originals have been released on DVD? How did I miss that one?

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