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  1. In Topic: A Bug's Life... In My Nose

    Posted 18 Nov 2006

    That story about the moth was REAL. I met the girl to whom it happened!!!

    I can't believe a bug was really in your nose! How did it get in there? Or are you lying?

    I'm sure the thing about eggs etc is an urban legend. I think your nose would notice if there were eggs in it and you would sneeze. yell.gif sick.gif
  2. In Topic: H. Jon Benjamin & David Cross

    Posted 10 May 2006

    Did you really say that? Did he really say that??

    That guy is so great. wub.gif
  3. In Topic: The Medieval Festival & Blackwolf the Dragonmaster

    Posted 12 Oct 2005

    I'm a little sad that I am lawful evil. I'd rather be true neutral!!!!

    Also, I would like to comment that it was truly sad when Paul's naturally-purple hair began to gray. Nobody saw THAT coming!!!!
  4. In Topic: Mr. Bagel Have

    Posted 3 Oct 2005

    That is an amazing comic. I was there the day it was born. Paul drew it at my apartment!!!

    I suppose you'll have to wait until Paul visits the L&E messageboard and finds out there is demand for a sequel. The ending is more mysterious than I remember.
  5. In Topic: Hugh Jackman (That Wolverine Fellow)

    Posted 7 Jun 2005

    Don't worry, Jeff. Paul LOVED that movie. Laura may also have loved that movie.

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