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Whilst looking for old Amiga games on abandonware sites, I came across Larry Vales. Within it was references to Yahtzee's Rob Blank games. From there, I found Yahtzee's Eye on Amature Adventures, followed that through to Yahtzee takes on the world and then Lance&Eskimo and Fullyramblomatic. I signed up for an account on the Fullyramblomatic boards, then branched out to the larger forum.

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  1. In Topic: Hey everybody who wants to play heretic again

    Posted 9 Jun 2009

    Sorry, was never much into FPS games. Plus, I barely have time for the backlog of stuff I currently have on my plate.
  2. In Topic: VTM Bloodlines

    Posted 22 Feb 2009

    I found the combat to be quite fun, it was the balancing that was rather off. Especially later in the game, things just had too much health and if you'd focused in conversation things could get tricky.
    The biggest problem would be how the game dropped all it's options and became more combat focused towards the end. That being said though, it's still one of my favourite games.
  3. In Topic: Fallout F@&kin' Three

    Posted 13 Feb 2009

    It's running of the Oblivion engine, so you may want to look into spawning missing characters in that.
  4. In Topic: Sick and tired of what Lucasarts is doing?

    Posted 1 Feb 2009

    QUOTE (Bad Asp @ Jan 29 2009, 12:39 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Come to think of it, with all of these actions, I'm seriously thinking of reporting Lucasarts to a higher authority, President Obama or the Supreme Court. You know, charge them with multiple crimes or something. Should I do this?

    Good idea. Why not give it a try and post your results?
  5. In Topic: Happy Birthday, Hitler!

    Posted 18 Jan 2009

    I remember hearing last year about a girl over east who was named something along the lines of 'Tahula does the Hoola in Hawaii'. I know the court forced her name to be changed, but I'm not sure if they also declared the parents unfit to raise her on those grounds. I was too busy laughing at the name to listen to the story.

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