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Found it on a search on google about why the prequels suck. : )
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  1. In Topic: Superman Returns . . .

    Posted 25 Nov 2006

    Abbey . . . will you marry me? biggrin.gif

    While I believe Batman to be the ultimate hero, I do like Supes. He's not a bad character, just an extremely difficult character to get right. How do you write for, and then in turn, portray the ultimate boy scout? The "perfectly moral" man? It's not an easy task. Especially when Hollywood wants to try and give him flaws, which he does not have, thus making him a super man. The conflict in Superman is the fact that he has to constantly be the boy scout. He has to make the "right" decision all the time. Think of the pressure. What if he makes the wrong choice? What if he could've done something differently? What if? That is Superman's ultimate conflict. His own good nature can be his downfall. As flawed a film as Superman II is, they got that right. There's the scene where Zod and his comrades realize that Superman cares for the pitiful humans and they start to use them against him. It's perfect. But to try and give Supes an "emo" complex ala Superman Returns... well, that's just not Superman. That's Spider-man.

    Anyway, hope all are well. My semester is winding down, but my Christmas break hasn't even begun. I'm stage managing a show over the break and will have 5 whole days to myself over "vacation," two of which will be spent moving into my new apartment.

    And Abbey... seriously... marry me? biggrin.gif

  2. In Topic: Superman Returns . . .

    Posted 26 Sep 2006

    That is a great pic! I love Batman and while I agree that if anyone can beat Superman it's Bats, that's still an amazing pic.

    Yeah Aquaman, between school, work and the fact that there's not much going on at the moment, it's kinda slow for me too.
  3. In Topic: Superman Returns . . .

    Posted 19 Sep 2006

    LOL laugh.gif

    So.... has anyone else seen the super crappy covers for the SR DVDs? All the images out there, all the different posters from around the world, and they pick the crappiest things I've seen. So airbrushed, they might as well be cartoons. Ugh... They should've just used the symbol against the blue background, like the teaser poster. Especially for the Special Edition 2-disc set. Ugh. That was the only poster that did anything for me at all to begin with. The simpler, the better.

    The standard edition includes nothing... except the movie.. so yeah, nothing. biggrin.gif

    The 2-disc Special Edition includes a Behind the Scenes Documentary that runs 3+ hours, as well as poster art, artwork, and all the typical trimmings you would assume a SE would have.

    So yeah. Hope you're all well. I'm bogged down in Theatre stuff right now so I apologize to my peeps (Aquaman) for not being around too much of late. Later gators.
  4. In Topic: Superman Returns . . .

    Posted 7 Sep 2006

    LOL laugh.gif

    Love that Civ2.

    But, even in the comics, Supes holds back when fighting the baddies. Very rarely does he unleash all of his power on anyone. The only ones that I can think of being Darksied and Mongul. There's actually a great issue of, I think Action Comics, where Supes is fighting Mongul, and Mongul has him in a bear hug and is trying to crush him... Supes looks down at him... his eyes start to burn red... and he softly says, "Burn." And he just hits Mongul with all the heat vision he can muster! Great panel!

    The honorable warrior, that's Superman. He never goes overboard unless he has to. And I assume everyone here knows that had SR been truly Superman, he would've felt the Kryptonite from miles away, not minutes after landing on said Kryptonite.

    Here's hoping that Singer gets the sack and we get the relaunch I'm demanding. biggrin.gif

    Later all.
  5. In Topic: Superman Returns . . .

    Posted 1 Sep 2006

    Hey all, guess who's back devil.gif

    It's not that people necessarily like ripping this movie to shreds (although I do), but I think it's safe to say that the number of people that disliked this movie greatly outnumber those that do. Just look at the box office numbers. Sorry, but overall, this movie was poorly recieved. Let us just hope it dies, goes away, and we get the Superman movie we all deserved in the first place.

    Oh, and did anyone else hear that Singer has said that "if" (although he said when) he gets to do the sequeal it will be an alien that Supes takes on... and now he has revealed this horrible alien threat...

    Any guesses?

    That's right! ZOD! How original! I'm sure he won't copy Donner's vision or anything like that at all. (<--sarcasm folks, I'm a big fan.)

    Nice to be back! Not that anyone knew I was gone, let alone missed me. laugh.gif tongue.gif biggrin.gif

    Oh, and Aquaman, I love the pics! Both the caption ones and these. Some people need to learn to laugh at themselves and the things they like. It's just a joke people, learn to take it. Life's too short. Later all.

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