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  1. My problem with the film

    Posted 4 Jul 2005

    I enjoyed this film alot, but there was one thing that annoyed me. I always envisioned the climatic battle between Obi Wan and Anakin similar to what actually transpired. However, I always thought it would end with ObiWan slashing Anaking, and Anakin falling into lava with ObiWan certain that he died. Anakin, being as powerful in the force as he was, somehow pulls himself out and is then rescued by the Emperor.

    ObiWan leaving Anakin them maimed, but not dead, in the actual film was rather weak. If you think about it, had ObiWan done the right thing and finish him off, he probably could have saved the galaxy 20 years of suffering. And it is not like ObiWan never knew Anakin survived. A few months after he gets on tatooine he has to hear of the Emperor's new right hand man, vader, who is kicking ass and taking names across the galaxy.

    ObiWan had enough guilt on his mind the next 20 years in the desert without also knowing that Vader was still alive and he had the chance to finish him off right in front of him. If he fell into the lava, at least he could reasonably assume he was done only to realize later that he actually survived the fall. "What teh hell else could I do? I cut off his limbs and he fell into molten lava! How the hell would I know he'd live through that?!"
  2. Lightsaber Props

    Posted 10 Jun 2005

    One continuity thing that I wa glad Lucas did not F up was the lightsaber issue. The same one we see in the OT were the same ones ObiWan and Anakin fought with. That truly would have been inexcusable.

    A minor note, did anyone notic how sharp the lightsabers look? These were the best looking ones that i could remember in terms of vibrant, clear color.
  3. The Shield, Season 4

    Posted 3 Mar 2005

    Psyched for the new season. Addition of Glen Close should be really good, not sure where they are taking this season following the events of last year. Still believe it is one of the top 3 shows on now.
  4. batman movie Trailor on SB

    Posted 14 Feb 2005

    Anyone catch teh trailor for teh new Batman flick? They may have resurrected teh franchise by going back to teh roots (Year 1 story), great cast, looks good so far.
  5. Truman and other good biographies

    Posted 31 Jan 2005

    I have read a bunch: JFK, Abe, Washington, Teddy, FDR, Adams, but I thought this was the best overall analysis of a man and what made him tick. When you consider all that happened during his watch: (Big 3 conference, Atomic Bomb, Labor Strikes, Recognition of Israel, Marshall plan, Firing MacArthur, Red Scare, Truman Doctrine, China falling to communists, the Whistlestop Campaign,Korea, etc) and the fact that this was a man who was simply a farmer before WWI with no college education and what he achieved...I fear that we will not see the likes of him as President ever again.

    if you like sports, the new Ted Williams biography and "When Pride Still Mattered" about the life of Vince Lombardi are particularly oustanding as far as biographies go.

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