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  1. In Topic: Show's that were unfairly cut down in their prime or before they even had a prime

    Posted 19 Nov 2006

    Freaks and Geeks was a fantastic show. Of course sinec it did not contain rich, beautiful, 26 year olds posing as 16 year olds it did not last past one season. But just a great show overall.
  2. In Topic: Return of the Jedi: 22 Years Later

    Posted 24 Aug 2005

    QUOTE (jawaewokgungan @ Aug 15 2005, 04:49 PM)
    Hi all:

    I'm trying to write a short book on the making of "Return of the Jedi." Not really a book, more of an compendium. Just a self published type thing for other fans enjoyment. I want to include a section about the fans views on "Jedi" 22 years after it's release. Based on the IMDB message boards and SW fansites.

    Just curious:
    "What was your original reaction to "Return of the Jedi" when you first saw it, how ever many years ago? (Whenever it was: 1983, 1995, 1997 or 2004)."

    "What's your gut reaction to the film upon seeing it again now?

    "How do you feel about the changes made to 'Jed' in 1997 and 2004. Have they changed your overall impression of the film?"

    "Have the prequels changed how you feel about "Jedi?"

    "And finally, sort of a long question but... Do you see "Jedi" as being a kids film (as Mark Hamill called it) meant for the age 12 and under crowd? And do you think children "get" ROTJ more than any of the original films?"

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll post links to the book as soon as I get it assembled.

    1. I saw it in 1983 in the theaters when i was 7. At the time and up until around 1991 or so, it was my favorite of the films. As I kid, I idolized Luke and him appearing as a Powerful jedi in the film was probable the reason. As a kid, the empire defeated and rebels winning made my naive heart happy.

    2. Now, I think it caters to kids too much and tries to end the trilogy on a happy note with a big bow on it. Some of the dialogue now is corny at best and horrible at worst. and the end of RoTJ seemed like they tried to take all the huge elements of the previous 2 films (ANH Space battle = RotJ Death Star Sapce Battle, Luke vs. Vader in ESB and Rotj, and the Wooded Ground Battle on endor similar to hoth ground battle) and reproduce them in a jumbled spectacular ending. Now, out of the 6 films, it is firmly 4th behind Empire, ANH and Sith.

    3. I had no problems with them cleaning up the film and some of the special effects. I also did not mind the last scene where they showed the other worlds celebrating. I HATED the dance number at Jabba's and there was no need to put Hayden instead of Sebastian Shaw at the end.

    4. one thing the prequels did was now make me very much more interested in all the scenes involving Luke, Kenobi, Vader and Yoda...while people bitch about the prequels, it did establish you in taht period and all the history that transpired to lead you to the Original trilogy. Luke and ben's first meeting, ben vs. vader rematch, Yoda's first appearance, Ben explaning to Luke why he lied to him on RotJ, etc. Makes those scenes now have an additional layer of background to them which i enjoy more now.

    5. He definately marketed RotJ to kids. Look at the ewoks, everyone and the mother knows what an ewok is...but the word "ewok" was never mentioned once in the film. I would think that kids get Phantom Menace more because of Anakin being 8 and the disaster that was Jar-Jar Binks.
  3. In Topic: 91 Reasons to Hate Episode III

    Posted 1 Aug 2005

    Regarding the princess stuff, I belive that while Bail is a senator he is married to the queen, I think.
  4. In Topic: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

    Posted 30 Jul 2005

    I enjoyed the movie alot though I preferred the original ending from the Gene Wilder flick. I have become such a fan of Johhny Depp's work. Ed Wood, Fear and Loathing, Donni Brasco, Pirates...he has become a great, interesting actor.
  5. In Topic: Napolean Dynamite

    Posted 13 Jul 2005

    I liked the flick, but in terms of quote-worthiness (comedy division), I still have to go old school with "Caddyshack" and "Animal House."

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