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  1. In Topic: Ask Yahtzee...

    Posted 21 Mar 2006

    I'm only going to ask "why" questions, cause Yahtzee can't actually anwer a "why" question with "on my cock." So there.


    Why do witches burn?

    Why do you bother answering people's questions if you're just going to post one standard, crudely humerous answer to every question it will fit?

    Why is Rob's hair brown in the games, black in Y.T.O.T.W., and then brown again in the April 9, 2001 guest strip in the aforementioned comic?

    Why is the world run by incompetent people?

    Why did Neo have to go on a suicide mission to the central computer hub instead of contacting the computers via a fast, long-distance, instantaneous electronic communications system . . . like, for example, the Matrix?

    Why am I spending so much time thinking up clever questions when you probably won't answer them? "Because you are a(n) ____(insert insult here)_____" is not an applicable answer.

    Have fun, Yahtzee.
  2. In Topic: Teddy Murder, an Alphabetical Apocalypse

    Posted 21 Mar 2006

    Try as I might, I cannot spell SOS. The game simply does not give you Ss often enough. Has anyone else been able to?

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