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  1. A comment on your games.

    Posted 31 May 2007

    I finally downloaded several of your games. I really don't know why it took me so long.

    Anyway, I tried 6 Days A Sacrifice first, which I admit, is not the best way to play this series, but I don't consider this an important factor in enjoying 6 Days A Sacrifice. The quality of the graphics disappointed me to some extent, as it seemed better on the screenshots. It is very good, no doubt about that. And excellent in some parts. But it doesn't impress me. It lacks that cutting edge. Not that you should deliver graphics that impress me. I'm just rambling.

    I must admit that the story annoyed me. It all seems like a type of plot I had in my head when I was about 13, 14. I'm not saying it's childish, but I dare to say it doesn't read and play enough good for me to consider it extraordinary in the sense of intelligence, maturity, and relevance. Perhaps it simply isn't my cup of tea. I mean, the Prince, the King, the Bridgekeeper, the Guide, thing too many. But overall, if I ignore the overdone plot, the script itself is very well written. I was truly scared several times in the game, and little games succeded in that with me. Not that I played many horror games, but nevertheless. Anyway, you have talent. I just don't think you are using it well.

    The game difficulty was on my level and I managed to finish it in about 3 hours, if curious.

    Like I said, you are definitely a talented game designer. 6 Days A Sacrifice intrigued me to check you other adventure games. Unfortunately I resorted to using a walkthrough with 5 Days A Stranger, and the plot really disappointed me. It's like something from Joe D'Amato's movie, but it doesn't have that "trash value". I mean, the police can't get in the mansion?!? Gimme a break! The game WAS quite scary, and perhaps you should go in that direction more agressivily with future projects. Trilby's Notes is sitting for quite some time on my harddisk. I played it in several sessions, but still didn't get far in it. Damn scary game.

    Regarding my critics on the graphics and the plot, perhaps Iím still under the influence of Bernieís excellent adventure games (AGS too). Check them out (if you donít know about them from before). Cedric rules! http://www.origamihero. com
  2. Yahtzee and pedophiles.

    Posted 12 May 2004

    I was browsing through some of you older articles and when I saw this I just had to react.

    Take paedophilia, for instance. People get very hysterical about paedophiles. The attitude of most tabloid newspapers ("Hey everybody, that guy's a paedophile! KILL!") doesn't help. Because paedophiles aren't, fundamentally, evil men; they've just got the 'what ye should hump' part of their brain wired up wrong. Where most men's brains think "Pretty young woman; me should hump! Small cheeky boy; me should pat head and give sweeties!", these men have it the wrong way round. That's why paedophiles are also well known for giving sweeties to pretty young women. I would imagine. Rather than lock paedos up to be bumraped forever, shouldn't we be trying to understand why their brains have gone wrong?

    First of all, it's pedophiles you illiterate twat. Second of all, did you ever heard of self-control?

    Pedophiles are not evil per se, but those whose identity becomes known to public are usually the ones who rape children or make child porn. So any pedophile mentioned in the news is an evil person and deserves to have his pecker cut off and stoned to death by raging mob. I'm serious.
    As any priest(well, some of them) or as any person who is not getting sex regularly can control himself/herself so they can. If I don't have to rape women around so they don't have to rape children.

    It's a thing of choice. They CHOOSE to rape children. They MUST die.
  3. But NEIN!

    Posted 20 Apr 2004

    I just wanted to say I got pretty annoyed with this line being used and repeated.

  4. 0 New Messages

    Posted 14 Apr 2004

    I demand your love!
  5. About that unspoken sitting in bus etiquette.

    Posted 14 Apr 2004

    Yes, fun article Yahtz. Like always. Anyway, I'm with you in all of it. But it's funny when someone completely disregards this etiquette which exists for purpose. I was sitting next to the window and the old hag sitting next to me took, like you said but now a wrong person, lively interest in the scenery going past outside. You can't imagine how's annoying when someone is looking through you. Moving her head to get even a better view. Getting closer with her head. I don't know but I was THIS close from messing up her face with my elbow and screaming "GET OUT FROM MY FACE, WILL YA!!"

    Ok, I was not. I'm not capable for that.

    But after that event I realized how neat it would be if I suddenly decided to poke her eye with my finger. That would startle her and made her leave MY fucking seat. I mean the bus got completely empty halfway. Are you STUPID bitch? MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!!!

    I'm really a nice person.

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